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Denise Davidson

Reza Noubary, professor of mathematical and digital sciences, has written two books of poetry published by Archway/Simon and Shuster. Feelings and Dealings: Life Lessons in Rhyme is in English and "A Look from the Eye of Traveler" is written in Persian.

"Feeling and Dealings" is a collection of life lessons shared in poetry. Chapters include Wisdom, Whimsy, Mathematics, Life, Love, World, Advice, and Nature. "A Look from the Eye of a Traveler" focuses on aging and paying more attention to ones interests and feelings.

Earlier this year, his book, “Reflections on Contemporary Life” published by Archway/Simon and Shuster. The book is a collection of independent short articles organized in eight independent chapters. The book also includes lessons Noubary learned while living in the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Chapters include Life/Living, World/United States, Faith/Religion, Health/Medicine, Math/Mind, Sport/Education, Global/Social, and Expository/Miscellaneous.

Katherine Kollar-Valovage

Katherine Kollar-Valovage, Ed.D., BU’s Testing Center Coordinator, co-presented an educational session, “Setting the Standards Certify-Recertify Your Test Center with Ease” with colleagues from California, Wisconsin, and Missouri at the 2020 National College Testing Association (NCTA) Annual Conference, held virtually this August. Dr. Valovage serves as NCTA’s Vice-Chair for Initial Test Center Certification. Collegiate Test Centers seeking national test center certification undergo a rigorous, multi-phased peer-review process which includes providing required documentation for meeting national standards for professional test administration. The conference drew over 350 participants from across the United States and Canada.