Access Faculty/Staff Email on Mobile Device/Email Software

Access Faculty/Staff Email on Mobile Device/Email Software

(This is for Faculty/Staff. If you are a student/alumni, see the student/alumni email config.)

Note that the standard way to access your account is through Microsoft Outlook or Outlook on the Web in your office. If you have an office desktop PC, you can also utilize Remote Desktop Connection to remote in and access Microsoft Outlook on your office PC. However, if you want to access your email account from a home computer or a personal mobile device, these options are also available to you.

Mobile Device or Email Software configuration information

  • Virtually every email client you can use will configure itself once you enter your username and password. Be sure to enter your full email address, i.e., as your username.
  • For specific email client instructions and walkthroughs, please see below.
  • NOTE: Beginning in the Spring 2020 semester, the legacy email protocols of POP, IMAP, and Authenticated SMTP are no longer supported.

Mobile devices (i.e. SmartPhones/Tablets)

Exchange ActiveSync

All mobile devices support Exchange ActiveSync for very good mobile support through native Email apps or through the downloadable Microsoft Outlook App. Keep in mind Exchange ActiveSync connects directly to the server mailbox, so if you delete messages, they will also be deleted in Webmail and vice versa.

Mobile Device Tutorials

Android phone / tablet:

Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

Personal Computer (i.e. PC/Mac Desktops/Laptops)


Available to faculty/staff as a free download for Mac or PC, Microsoft Outlook can be used to view/edit your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts.

Microsoft Outlook Tutorial