Faculty and staff website assistance

There are a variety of tools available. Please read options below.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is the university supported web editing software. You can request web space, via a help desk ticket. See Dreamweaver section below for instructions on entering help desk ticket.

  • Most people who utilize Dreamweaver or other web editing software already have experience creating websites.
  • If you’ve never used Dreamweaver, note that it can have a steep learning curve.
  • If you wish to use Dreamweaver, follow the directions in the section below on "Using Adobe Dreamweaver."

Code your own pages - upload with a FTP client

  • Develop your own pages, code using whatever tool you wish, i.e., Notepad.
  • You will need web space. Enter a help desk ticket requesting web space. See Dreamweaver section below for instructions on entering help desk ticket.
  • Upload files using upload tools such as Filezilla or CuteFTP.
  • Upload files using Filezilla or another FTP client, following FTP instructions!

University faculty page created by the web team

If you wish a profile page be developed so you show up in the university web directory, send a web request form which will be handled by Marketing/Communications.
This type of page can be created to highlighting faculty/staff information, i.e., education, research interests, scholarships).

The webteam uses Drupal software for university pages.

Do not enter a help desk ticket requesting web space if wishing a Drupal faculty profile page.

Off campus web editing software

  • Off campus sites can be used, some resources are free (i.e., wix, weebly, etc). These are typically very easy to use and have drag and drop templates.
  • Please be aware that off campus software is not supported by the university; if you need assistance, university staff would likely not be able to help. You would not have a university web address. Do not enter a help desk ticket requesting web space.

Still unsure? Other options:

Depending what you want to create, you have other options. Some faculty use:

You would not request web space to use these tools.

We hope this information is helpful. There are many ways to go about your work. Contact webteam@bloomu.edu if you need assistance in deciding the best approach!


Using Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the university supported software for web design. It can be used to create a professional looking web site. Follow tutorials below to understand site setup and other basic features available in Dreamweaver.

Install Dreamweaver on Your Computer

  • Specialized Software Installation - You may install Dreamweaver onto your office computer by yourself by downloading Creative Cloud. Details here!

Types of web space for your new Dreamweaver site

Faculty and staff are able to gain web space to create the following types of websites:

  • Facstaff - available for faculty/staff. This is space to build a personal web to post contact information, class materials, etc.
  • Department - available for those persons in charge of building a department’s website (i.e., english department).
  • Organization - available for those persons in charge of building an faculty related organizational website (i.e., Friends of Bloomsburg Library Association, etc).
    NOTE: Student clubs and organizations are created and maintained in HuskySync, via the Center for Leadership & Engagement. http://cle.bloomu.edu/stud-orgs.php

Student Web Accounts - Students do not need to request space for a personal website; their network accounts automatically provide access. See http://intranet.bloomu.edu/technology/student/web for important student website!

Enter a help desk ticket to request web space

Requests by faculty or staff must be made by entering a help desk ticket.

  • Under the Ticket Information tab choose:
    • Problem Type - Web Related Issues
    • Category - Indicate Fac/Staff (faculty or staff), Departmental or Organizational Website (dependent on which type of web you are building)
    • Symptom - Request New Website
  • You will be notified once your account is ready, you will use your network user name and password. (The same user name and password you use to log onto your office computer.)

    FTP access is permitted on the server.

Plan to have a work study student assist you with your web?

  • YOU (faculty or staff) must enter the help desk ticket. Students are not able to enter help desk tickets.
  • Students requesting an organization site must have faculty advisor approval.

What will your web address be?

Dreamweaver Tutorials

Site setup must be done in Dreamweaver in order to view file structure and publish files so they show on the server. It's extremely important the site setup is done according to the directions below!
Site Setup using Dreamweaver


Publishing Problems and FTP Errors

If you have previously set your site up in Dreamweaver, and are having publishing problems:

  • Click Site > Manage Sites >
  • Website listed? Double click the listing that shows your website. This will open the settings window. Click Servers; you will see a place to edit your password. Enter your correct password. Click Test to verify your site connected. Click Save and close window.
  • Website not in the list? If your website is not listed, that indicates you do not have a current site set up in Dreamweaver. That could be for a variety of reasons, such as getting a new computer recently.
    Follow the site setup instruction -- Tutorial above.

If you have followed the steps above and are still having FTP problems, enter a help desk ticket for assistance.

Want to use a FTP client (not Dreamweaver)?

Follow these instructions!