Student/Alumni Email Logon

Student/Alumni Email Logon

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Determining which logon option to choose

  • All current and recent Students that still have an active HuskyID should choose "Log on as Student", while those with an inactive HuskyID should choose "Log on as Alumni".
  • A HuskyID becomes inactive approximately 8-9 months after a student last attends BU, typically shortly after two succeeding semesters conclude.
  • Students receive an email notification 1 month prior to their HuskyID becoming inactive and the student then has the ability to opt-in to retain their email account.
  • When a HuskyID becomes inactive, the student's email account is deleted unless the student successfully followed the opt-in procedure, in which case it will be converted to an Alumni email account and the former student must begin choosing "Log on as Alumni" and use The initial one-time password is obtained during the opt-in procedure.
  • Former students whose HuskyID became inactive prior to the June 2013 upgrade from Live@EDU to Office 365 automatically retained their email account and they must choose "Log on as Alumni" and use
  • The business day after a former student with an Alumni email account officially re-enrolls at BU, they must begin choosing "Log on as Student" and use The initial HuskyID password gets communicated to the student during the application (undergrad) or scheduling (grad) process.