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Faculty Scholarship

Julie Vandivere

Julie Vandivere, Ph.D., professor of English and director of the Honors Program, had her essay, "Defining Life in Essays and Reports: Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown” and the "Government Reports on Infant Human Mortality" selected for publication in the Selected Papers of the 26th Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf (University of Liverpool Press, 2018).

Michael Borland

Michael Borland, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was among a select few to receive a SOT Faculty Grant to boost undergraduate toxicology research. Borland will use the funds to support the junior-year research project of Taylor Runkle as part of a collaborator two-semester Honors Research Project with Ellen Kehres, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry. Specifically, the funds will aid in the purchase of cell culture supplies, ligands, and luminescent assays to reactive oxygen species.

Michael Patte

Michael Patte, Ph.D., professor of teaching and learning and a child life specialist, offered two presentations, "The value of open-ended materials in promoting play across community and educational settings in Trinidad and Tobago," and "The creation of a minor course of study in playwork – One university’s story," at the 44th Annual Conference of The Association for the Study of Play in Melbourne, Beach, Fla.