Faculty and Staff Resources


Kyle Beyer

Kyle Beyer, assistant professor of exercise science, recently published an article, “Maturity-Related Differences in Systemic Pulmonary and Localized Fatigue Threshold Among Your Male Athletes” in Pediatric Exercise Science (PES). This work was conducted in conjunction with the University of Central Florida and University of Kentucky. PES articles focus on children’s unique responses to exercise; the role of exercise in treating chronic pediatric disease; the importance of physical activity in preventing illness and preserving wellness; and methods for making youth sports safer and more enjoyable.

Kristin Austin

Kristin Austin, Ed.D., assistant professor, Teaching and Learning, will present at the Higher Education Social Media Conference on “Face the Parents. Book their Enthusiasm: Deploying a Parent Facebook Group.” Parents can be critical influences in healthy college adjustment when engaged appropriately. In this session, Austin will share the top findings of her doctoral research on a closed, private Facebook group for parents of new college students. Participants will also learn how they can maximize the impact of a Facebook group for parents at their school.

Michael Patte

Michael Patte, Ph.D., professor of teaching and learning and a child life specialist, along with his colleagues Jaipaul Roopnarie, James Johnson, and Suzanne Quinn published three chapters Policy for early childhood education and care: Tools for thinking; International perspectives on early childhood education; and Early Childhood Education in the U.S.A. in the Handbook of International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education published by Routledge in 2018.