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John Grandzol

John Grandzol, professor of management, recently earned the American Society for Quality’s certification as Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence. This certification recognizes his expertise across multiple managerial functions including leadership, strategic plan development and deployment, management methods, quality management tools, customer-focused organization, supply chain management, and training and development. His “senior fellow” standing in ASQ confirms over 25 years of membership and service, as well as contributions as ISO certification participant, state quality award examiner, and quality-related researcher and teacher.

Greg Zimmerman

Greg Zimmerman, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, along with chemistry major Daniel Staros, and collaborators Kate McCallum and Hugues Arcis from the University of Guelph, Ontario, presented a paper “Equations for Calculating Limiting Conductivities and Ion-Pair Association Constants for Aqueous KCl Under Hydrothermal Conditions,” at the 2018 International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics at Lake Tahoe, California. This conference brought together world-wide experts in a wide range of fields centered around thermodynamics.

Michael Shepard

Michael Shepard, Ph.D., professor and chair, EGGS, has a new popular piece published on Asteroid 216 Kleopatra based on a journal paper, "A Revised Shape Model of Asteroid (216) Kleopatra," published earlier this year in Icarus, the International Journal of Solar System Studies. "A Better Look At Asteroid 216 Kleopatra" appears in Science Trends, which allows scientists to share their recently published peer-reviewed research directly with a large and global audience. To date, Science Trends has helped scientists from across the world publicize their work on everything from climate change to cancer research.