Network Drives for Students

Network Drives for Students

  • When logged into a campus computer, network drives can be accessed by double clicking on the "Computer" icon.
  • Network drives may be accessed over the web from any location by going to

Network Drive Information

Once students are logged into a campus computer, the following drives will appear under the "Computer" icon:

P Your personal network drive - (5GB limit) - **Explained in more detail below.
T Student/Fac/Staff Public Share drive. 4 GB user limit. This drive is designed for temporary file transfer use only. Documents on this drive that are older than 7 days are purged nightly.
U Class Folder (if requested by faculty member)
W Webspace folder (500MB limit)

Important P Drive Information

Each person who logs onto the network has their own personal network space to save documents. This is the P drive.
The P drive has an allotted 5GB of space for your use.

Benefits of saving documents on the P drive

  • No one else will be able to access your files.
  • Your files will be automatically backed up nightly.
  • Your files will be able to be easily restored if accidentally overwritten or deleted.
  • Snapshots (shadow copies) of your network files: The server provides a feature called shadow copies.
  • Snapshots are created of documents saved on network at 6 am & noon daily.
  • As the snapshots fill up the server disk space, the oldest files will be purged and overwritten with newer copies.

To find shadow copies of your file(s), follow these steps:

Click on the network drive you have your document stored on.

Find the folder where your document is/was; right click on it.

If your document was not saved in a folder, right click on the drive name.

Click on Properties and choose the "Previous Versions" tab - you will see documents or folders containing documents. This depends on how you organize your documents.

Highlight the document, folder, or the P drive itself and choose View or Copy. Be cautious using "Restore" - you could accidentally restore an entire folder and overwrite some documents you didn't intend to overwrite.

If a document had been accidentally deleted, right click on the folder (or drive) it was stored in before deletion to find it.
Look at the previous versions and you should easily be able to find your deleted document.

Note: The shadow copy client is only available on documents saved to a network drive. If you save something to a local drive, you will not see a tab for previous versions!

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage

  • In addition to the above on-campus network drives, each student receives OneDrive cloud storage space with their Office365 email account.
  • OneDrive can be accessed through the App Drawer in the upper left corner of your student email account webmail.
  • Office365’s Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) automatically save directly to your OneDrive as you work on your files.
  • Microsoft is currently allocating 1TB (1024GB) of disk space for each student’s OneDrive.
  • For more information on OneDrive and Office Web Apps, please see the Student Email Information page.