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HuskyID Account Information

  • Undergraduate degree students will have a HuskyID account created when they apply. Those who pay their tuition deposit for their first year of attendance will have a network and email account linked to their HuskyID. They are given their HuskyID and HuskyID password in the application-acknowledgment letter they receive from the Admissions Office.
  • Graduate degree students and non-degree undergraduate students (no tuition deposit required for these types of students) will have a HuskyID account created when they have at least one course scheduled. If you were a recent BU undergraduate student and your account has not yet become inactive, your active HuskyID and password remain the same. If your account did become inactive or you forget what your password was, you will need to reset your password to gain access to your account. If you are a brand new BU grad student, you will receive notice of your HuskyID and password from the graduate office. You may also reset your password to gain access to your account.
  • Your Student HuskyID is your single sign-on account for all university related systems. Your HuskyID will give you access to all university systems including public computers across campus in computer labs, Office 365 Student email, MyHusky portal, BOLT, Wireless connections, Student computer/device network registration, MyHousing, HuskyGold, Print Balance page, Web Print Service, Rescomp ticket page, Remote Access Service, Student Worker eTime, and any resource that is protected by HuskyID Single Sign-On.
  • A Student's HuskyID consists of student initials (2 or 3 letters) followed by a 5-digit random number followed by
  • Your HuskyID account will become inactive approximately 8-9 months after you last attend BU, typically shortly after two succeeding semesters conclude. At that time you will receive an email notification that your HuskyID is becoming inactive in 1 month as well as additional information about the account transition, including the opportunity to opt-in to keep your Office 365 email account even after your HuskyID becomes inactive.
  • After your HuskyID account is inactive, whether or not you chose to opt-in to keep your Alumni Office365 Email Account, separately you have the ongoing opportunity to enable an MyHusky Alumni Account you can use when you need to order transcripts, pay bills, retrieve copies of your 1098T tax forms, and other similar activities. Please note these are separate alumni accounts and do not share the same password.

HuskyID Password Information

IMPORTANT - When changing your HuskyID Password, please remember to adhere to the following criteria:

  • It must be 8 or more characters long.
  • It may not contain the portion of your email address before "".
  • It may not contain your First Name or your Last Name.

It must contain at least 3 out of 4 of the following types of characters:

  • Uppercase alphabetical letters (example: A)
  • Lowercase alphabetical letters (example: a)
  • Numerical Digits (example: 1)
  • Non-alphanumeric Symbols (example: $)
  • It may not be changed more than once every 24 hours.
  • It may not be identical to any of your last 3 passwords.

NOTE: You will be required to change your HuskyID password at least once every 6 months in order to log in to HuskyID Single Sign-On. It will notify you if you need to change your password when you try to log in. For your convenience, it will also give a warning you can skip during the 14 days preceding a required password change.

Change/Reset your HuskyID Password

  • A student can change their password by visiting and choosing "Change your Password".
  • If a student does not know their current HuskyID password, they can go to and choose "Reset Your Password" to reset their password. Students will need to answer a series of questions to prove their identity.
  • Applicants are unable to change their HuskyID password until the day after they pay their tuition deposit for the first year of attendance.
  • Alumni Office 365 email account passwords cannot be changed through these pages, but instead can be changed directly through the options page of your Office 365 mailbox.
  • Alumni MyHusky account passwords can be reset through the Alumni ID Activation and Password Reset page.

Please keep your password to yourself

  • Please be aware Bloomsburg University technology support will never ask you for your password or other confidential information through email.
  • EDUs (Higher-Ed Colleges and Universities) are the target of many malicious phishing email scams where someone outside the organization tries to persuade you to reply with your password or click on a link and enter your password into a web form.
  • The scammers claim you need to do this to receive additional disk space, to upgrade your account, or to prevent your account termination.
  • These emails have never and will never come from Bloomsburg University and you should never respond to them or click the link.
  • Please forward these types of suspicious e-mail messages as an attachment to the Bloomsburg University E-mail Administrator at the address
  • If you have already responded to a phishing email and given your password, please change your password IMMEDIATELY and never set your password back to the compromised password you gave to the spammer.
  • If you are ever not sure, please do not reply or click the link and instead contact the Help Desk.
  • For full detailed information about phishing messages including examples of actual phishing messages that have been sent to university accounts, check the Phishing information page.