About SAP

  • Bloomsburg University uses the SAP software supported by the Office of the Chancellor’s information technology staff to facilitate business process relating to finance, human resources, and payroll.
  • Student-related functions will be handled by the PeopleSoft product with interfaces to SAP for financial, student payroll and other touch points.

Campus Contacts

  • Authorization (not able to access transactions) - Bill Barnes, x2813
  • BI Password Locked or Unknown - Audra Halye, x4700
  • Budget Lookup - Budget Office, x4700
  • Budget Transfers - Budget Office, x4700
  • Chargebacks - Audra Halye, x4700
  • Encumbering Travel Req. - Audra Halye, x4700
  • Encumbering Misc. Req. and Funds Reservations - Jamie Cotner, x3415
  • Password Reset, Help Desk, 4357
  • Purchase Requisitions, Jamie Cotner, x3415
  • Storeroom Orders, Dang Labelle, x4048
  • Travel Management Training - Lori Olshefski, x4648
  • Travel Paperwork - Lori Olshefski, x4648

New Employees

  • Employees needing SAP access should follow the instruction on the Access Authorization Request for entering a Help Desk Ticket. The form is on the S drive, under BU Documents.
  • Once employee has received their SAP logon, password and correct security authorization, they should follow the setup steps listed on the Setup and Navigation document. Employees should pay particular attention to the steps for downloading Favorites as these will be needed for individualized departmental training.
  • Should employee need assistance while going through the Setup/Navigation instruction, they should enter a help desk ticket.
  • After employee has completed the Setup/Navigation tutorial, they may request additional training specific to what they need (see Campus Contacts List above for that contact information).