Access Authorization Request

Access Authorization Request

All Bloomsburg University employees with a Human Resources personnel number automatically receive a computer/email account with standard access (including department U drive and membership in department email distribution list) once they are hired.

An account cannot be created until Human Resources inputs the employee record into SAP. Once the account is created, the Help Desk will contact the department secretary with the initial account information.

 •  Please be aware it is the new employee’s responsibility to set their office location and phone number on the PASSHE Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal at

To update information, log on to ESS, click on the "Employee Self-Service" tab, click on the "Personal Information" tab, click on "Address and Contact Information", then under "Campus Address", click on "Change Campus Address". Update your Office (Building & Room Number) and Work Phone (include the 570-389-), and then click "Save Changes".

Help Desk Tickets for additional access

If any special access (beyond standard access) needs to be requested for BU employees or if an account needs to be requested for a Non-BU-Employee (those without an HR personnel number), the request should be entered on the technology help desk web page

Fill out the help desk request according to the problem types listed below. These are listed in the format Problem → Category → Symptom (if applicable).
To request/change a Non-BU-Employee account (including name, job title, office/phone number):

Add/Update/Delete Non-BU Employee → (select applicable department/account type)

To request being added to/removed from a public email group:

Email Related Issues → MS Exchange faculty/staff → Add to public email group

To notify us/request that we change departmental access when changing job positions (includes switching U drive and email distribution list):

Account Security (Network/Passwords) → General Inquiry → Employee Department Change

To notify us/request that we change your last name / username when you officially change your name with Human Resources:

Account Security (Network/Passwords) → General Inquiry → Employee Name Change

To request/change SAP permissions/roles beyond the standard roles:

Account Security (Network/Passwords) → SAP → Permission/Roles

To request/change MyHusky permissions/roles beyond the standard roles:

MyHusky → Security → Data Access

To request/change access to a shared network folder:

Application Systems → File Server → Folder Request