Office of Marketing and Communications

Bloomsburg University's Office of Marketing and Communications (MarComm) serves as enthusiastic ambassadors of the university’s brand while working to showcase the value of a BU education by capturing and sharing the stories of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partner organizations. Our focus is on building awareness and enhancing the image, reputation and visibility of BU to inspire enrollment, instill pride, and increase support.

We provide strategic consulting, content development, and creative support for:

  • Management of the BU Brand
  • and
  • Web and social media content
  • Campus communications
  • Paid and organic advertising
  • Media relations and news releases
  • Crisis communications
  • Publications, including all admissions materials and Bloomsburg: The University Magazine
  • Graphic design
  • Large-scale event promotion
  • Photography and videography
  • Licensing and trademark coordination

MarComm Focus

  • Brand and Reputation Management — MarComm's primary purpose is to share the BU story in ways that showcase the value of a BU education and inspire and compel key audiences to take action. We're responsible for proactive media relations, internal communications, and crisis communications efforts; strategic development of stories; brand awareness advertising in various media outlets; management of BU's primary social media channels; digital strategy and oversight of the university's website.
  • Sports Information — The sports information office, located inside Nelson Field House, is responsible for the promotion of Bloomsburg’s 22 intercollegiate athletic teams, as well as BU’s student-athletes and coaches. The office oversees all sports information, strategic communication, public relation, marketing, and creative service duties related to Bloomsburg athletics. The office also serves as a liaison to all forms of media at the local, regional, and national level. Sports information serves as the athletic department's brand manager and helps to create and promote the game-day and fan environment at BU home events. The office is also responsible for managing, the official website of BU athletics, while assisting with a number of alumni, corporate sponsorship, and fundraising initiatives.
Onward and Upward
  • Enrollment and Student Success — MarComm partners with the Office of Admissions and the colleges in their efforts to reach and recruit diverse, academically qualified students who will be successful at BU and beyond.
  • Institutional Advancement — MarComm’s partnership with advancement focuses on developing stories and communicating the value of alumni, volunteer, and donor engagement and philanthropy.

Have news to share?

Submit information about an upcoming event, awards, student or faculty scholarship, or other news of note to Tom McGuire ( or Eric Foster ( for inclusion in our weekly internal e-newsletters: The Week Ahead (Mondays) and Onward (Thursdays). Public events may also be submitted for inclusion in our external e-newsletter: On the Hill (monthly).

Brand: How our story is told

At Bloomsburg University, our brand focuses on an authentic and memorable “big idea” that captures the warm-hearted tenacity and determined grit found within every Husky—a reflection of the traits exhibited by our founder, Henry Carver.

What is a brand?

More than a logo, tagline, or mascot, a brand is an enduring platform that articulates an organization’s unique experience and point of view. It helps us connect with many broad, diverse audiences through informed and relevant interactions. It defines who we are, explains what we do, and articulates why we do it. There’s a deeply informed rationale to everything included in our brand — every visual and verbal decision.

It helps to form a connection and to inform every interaction with Bloom — a visitor to campus, a billboard, a conversation at the fountain or in Harrisburg, a Q&A social media session, an alumnus who receives our magazine, and an email sent to a high school student – should all reflect the brand in a consistent way. The elements comprising our brand work together to ensure that these interactions are grounded in the reason we’re all here: to create an opportunity for every Husky to succeed while lifting others up.

Core Value Proposition (Brand Promise)

Bloomsburg University provides raw ability and untapped potential with an opportunity to thrive so that our students become high achievers and contributors to their community and industry.

Positioning Statement

We believe that opportunity is created — fought for by individuals with a clear vision and a fierce determination to achieve. This is why we show up every day, on a mission to transform the lives of our students so they can succeed while lifting others up. This is the attitude found within every Husky. At Bloomsburg University, creating opportunity for our region has been our vision since the very beginning.

Brand Pillars

  • BU offers a high return on investment for the collegiate experience
  • BU cultivates a distinct culture and attitude
  • BU offers practical, high-quality academics
  • BU is an economic driver for the entire region

Personality Traits

Bloomsburg Today

    Practical - An education built for real-life skills, challenges and needs.
    Loyal - Our strongest commitments are to our families and our neighbors.
    Genuine - Sharing similar values and working honestly toward shared goals.

Bloomsburg Tomorrow

    Connected - To one another, to our community and to our industries.
    Motivated - We’re inspired and courageous, and we know exactly where we’re heading.
    Undaunted - We’re resilient as we go through change, and we’re unafraid of a steep climb.
Marketing and Communications

Brand Narrative

Some see an uphill climb as a sign of struggle. At Bloomsburg University we see it as a sign of strength. Because people who can see past the easy path know how to get the job done. They answer “you can’t” with “watch me.” They work harder. Make more with what they have. And take every challenge as a new way forward.

Bloomsburg sees this quality, and unleashes it. We see hustle as business sense. Persistence as rigor. Grit as mental toughness. Heart as emotional intelligence. Work ethic as a prerequisite for success. From whiteboard to boardroom to bedside. Employers spot it right away. They put a high value on a Bloom degree, and the person who earned it. And if you’ve got a forward focus and the spirit to back it up, BU is your place. Your onward and upward await at Bloomsburg University.

Brand Resources

Located on Shared (S) Drive → BU Documents → BU Brand folder

  • Brand guidelines
  • Color palette
  • PowerPoint and document templates
  • Training materials
  • Brand assets

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Umberger at or Nikki Keller at We’re happy to be your guides in bringing our brand to life!

Social Media

Social Media

To build our online community and share the experience of Husky Life, the MarComm team maintains the university’s flagship social media accounts on numerous platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and more.

In addition, the MarComm team has established a university-wide standard for the use, creation, operation, and management of official, branded affiliated social media accounts. Because these accounts are under the main university umbrella and represent our university to a global audience, it's imperative to uphold BU’s established brand pillars and adhere to university-accepted standards and best practices.

BU Social Media Strategy — This Social Media Strategy document outlines best practices by platform, usage and frequency guidelines, toolkits, graphic resources and suggestions for alumni and influencer support.

Questions? Please contact Jaime North at

Bloomsburg University


Bloomsburg University utilizes Merit Pages to celebrate and publicize the achievements and activities of our students—in and out of the classroom—such as being named to the Dean’s List, studying abroad, completing Professional U experiences, athletic accomplishments, artistic performances or exhibitions, research presentations, volunteer activities, scholarships, and more.

How does Merit work?

  • Each semester, new students are invited (by email) to create a Merit Page that can become a valuable record of their achievements and activities. Students are encouraged to customize their individual Merit pages by adding a bio, photos, academic honors, organizational affiliations and work experience to create a visual resume that showcases their activities and achievements during their time at BU.
  • When good news is received about our students, the MarComm team writes a short story about the accomplishment, event, or activity.
  • A personalized article is published to Merit and sent to the local newspaper(s) of each student involved. The student’s high school and local legislator(s) are also notified.
  • Students receive an e-mail with a link to view their story and connect via social media to share their achievements with friends and family.
  • Parents also receive an email allowing them to share their students’ achievements through their own social media platforms.

Questions? Please contact Tom McGuire at

Media Policies

University Policies governing what may and may not be released as public information, as well as covering our procedures.

  • Official Requests for Information
  • Media Policy
  • Publications Policy
  • Emergency Response Policy
  • Severe Weather Policy
  • Policy for Releasing Information

Who do I contact if I need an expert or want to do a story about Bloomsburg University?
To be connected to a Bloomsburg University expert or to write or record a story about the University, contact the Marketing and Communications Office at 570-389-5134. You may also contact an individual staff member directly. To be connected to a BU Athletics administrator or coach, or to connect on a student-athlete or team story, contact Sports Information at 570-389-4413.

Who do I contact for official University responses?
For official responses from the university, please contact Tom McGuire, Director of Communications at 570-389-5134 or

Can I cover a story or shoot video on campus?
Journalists who wish to come to the BU campus to report on events, conduct interviews, or take photos or video are encouraged to first contact the Marketing and Communications Office at 570-389-5134. Members of the office can assist reporters and, in many cases, help save them time and effort.

For coverage of Bloomsburg University Athletics, please contact Sports Information at 570-389-4413.

How do I get high resolution photos?
BU's Office of Marketing and Communications has an accessible image gallery of the university and its campus community. Media requests for specific photos can come directly to the Office of Marketing and Communications at 570-389-4412 or