Marketing and Communications Services

Bloomsburg University's Office of Marketing and Communications — the university's representative to local, regional and national media organizations — is responsible for maintaining a consistent editorial and graphic identity in all official university publications and communications. The office promotes public awareness and support for the university and its mission through internal and external advancement and media relations efforts by:

  • issuing media releases
  • preparing publications – including Bloomsburg: The University Magazine
  • preparing advertising and marketing collateral, online communications and sports information
  • guiding BU's graphic, online and brand identity
  • managing BU's social media network
  • arranging and facilitating media coverage of BU
  • promoting BU experts to the media
  • assisting members of the BU community in their interactions with the media

The Office of Marketing and Communications (MarComm) is responsible for conceptualizing, developing, and executing marketing and communication strategies that support the university’s highest goals. Our focus on shaping and strengthening BU’s identity, increasing institutional visibility in the marketplace, and building reputation with internal and external audiences all contribute to the university's overall success. MarComm also serves as brand champions and stewards of the university's identity and athletic branding standards, institutional core messaging, and storytelling.

Contact Information

AVP for Marketing and Communications
  Jennifer Umberger • 134 Waller Administration • 570-389-4043
Director of Media Relations and Content Strategy
  Tom McGuire • 134 Waller Administration • 570-389-5134
Director of Marketing and Brand Management
  Nicole Keller • 134 Waller Administration • 570-389-3636
Sports Information Director
  David Leisering • 271 Nelson Field House • 570-389-2767
Assistant Sports Information Director
  Mary Raskob • 272 Nelson Field House • 570-389-4411
Senior Publications Designer and Marketing Specialist
  Eric G. Foster • 134 Waller Administration • 570-389-4412
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
  Irene Johnson • 134 Waller Administration • 570-389-4662
Marketing Specialist and Web Editor
  Jaime North • 134 Waller Administration • 570-389-4488
Print and Digital Publications Coordinator
  Stacey Newell • 134 Waller Administration • 570-389-5259
Web Specialist
  Judy Ohl • 134 Waller • 570-389-5327

Our work is focused on three key areas:

  • Student Recruitment — MarComm partners with the Office of Admissions and the colleges in their efforts to reach and recruit diverse, academically qualified students who will be successful at BU and beyond.
  • Institutional Advancement — MarComm's advancement communications efforts are aimed at building a strong culture of engagement and philanthropy; developing a steady and dedicated stream of student, alumni, parent, faculty and staff volunteers, and creating a system for propelling volunteers into higher levels of service to the university in the long term.
  • Brand and Reputation Management — MarComm's primary purpose as a strategic communications office is to share the BU story in ways that showcase the value of a BU education and inspire and compel key audiences to take action. We are responsible for proactive media relations, internal communications, and crisis communications efforts; strategic development of stories; brand awareness advertising in national, regional, and local outlets; management of the university's primary social media channels; digital strategy and oversight of the university's website.


University Branding

Maintaining a strong and recognizable brand is a key component to BU’s success in student enrollment. Building and maintaining the BU brand identity is an institutional priority set by the president and managed by the Office of Marketing and Communications. BU’s brand identity/personality is the character of our brand defined in active terms. These attributes are essential aspects of BU’s identity and guide the tone/voice of BU’s communications. Brand attributes communicate the ways in which we achieve what we promise.

A brand isn’t a logo. It isn’t a tagline or a product. A brand is our reputation. The way we speak, the way we act, the experiences that our students and visitors have on campus is our brand. Every person at BU, each department, and all the work they contribute, diverse as it may be, make up the university's brand. A unified campus with a consistent brand and mission strengthens the university. A clear message and visual identity reflect a multi-faceted, but unified, organization — A Great Place to Be You! There is a responsibility to ensure that the BU brand and imagery is used consistently and appropriately by all.

BU's brand standards have been developed to enable all university departments, centers, programs and university-sanctioned organizations to consistently represent BU in all formal and informal communications, web, advertising and marketing, and other promotional materials. A component of the BU brand is our tagline. It distills our value proposition and brand narrative into a memorable phrase that’s meaningful across all departments and colleges. The core brand is the consistent expression of each of the colleges brand identity, based on the use of its logo systems and core messages.

Brand Essence — strong work ethic and curiosity are hallmarks of a BU education. Whether you know who you want to be and how to get there or are still discovering your path, BU will provide you with meaningful explorations of knowledge and purposeful interactions on your journey to defining your goals and career aspirations. Another component of the BU brand is our tagline. It distills our value proposition and brand narrative into a memorable phrase that’s meaningful across all departments and colleges.

Bloomsburg University is: A great place to be you!"

Positioning Statement:

BU students and faculty produce positive change through scholarly research and an increased emphasis on co-curricular learning experiences and civic engagement and responsibility.

Brand Attributes

Branding supporting statements:

  • BU is focused on development of the whole student
  • Strong commitment to access
  • Commitment to career preparation and providing students with relevant, real-life work and mentoring experiences
  • Personalized and caring learning environment
  • Emphasis on teaching and learning
  • Integration of co-curricular and collaborative learning experiences in and out of the classroom
  • Quality education at an affordable price
  • Opportunity for undergraduate research with faculty mentors

Brand Identity

BU's personality:

  • Inquisitive
  • Confident
  • Affordable
  • Approachable
  • Student-focused
  • Proud
  • Traditional
  • Hard-working

Points of Distinction

The key messages answer the essential question of why BU? These messages describe the quality and value of a BU education. They bring to the forefront BU’s academic excellence in teaching and learning and our commitment to providing a supportive and enriched educational experience for all students, faculty and staff. The messages distinguish us from other higher education institutions and drive all communications.

We are a community of engaged citizens — BU students participate in more than 80,550 hours of community service annually. Every year, roughly 2,000 students rally for the Big Event-- a one-day community clean-up project focused on building positive relationships with Bloomsburg area residents. BU is dedicated to undergraduate student research and collaboration with faculty. BU encourages a meaningful and purposeful exploration of knowledge by providing research students with Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (URSCA) Awards. Students are connected with faculty, staff and alumni who help align and foster their personal and professional development inside the classroom and in co-curricular activities.

Career Preparation — Students are exposed to a variety of Academic Internship opportunities. BU encourages professional development in students through Professional U including the Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD), McDowell Institute and Sophomore Experiential Learning experiences.

Positioning and Promise — BU develops well-informed citizens through strategic engagement and collaboration, making a difference in the lives of its students, faculty and staff and residents of the Town of Bloomsburg, the region, the commonwealth and beyond. As a premier public comprehensive university, Bloomsburg University attracts students and faculty who produce positive change through scholarly research and an increased emphasis on co-curricular learning experiences and civic engagement and responsibility.

Brand Promise — BU promises to create and support an environment for students, faculty and staff to focus on excellence in learning, research and civic engagement.

A Great Place to Be You means:

  • Being active learners and defining your own college experience
  • Excelling in and out of the classroom
  • At BU, undergraduates collaborate and conduct research with faculty. The learning experience extends beyond research and includes mentoring and performing arts opportunities, community and civic engagement.

Opportunity, Resources and Access — The cost of attending BU is a best value within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Students are provided opportunities to network, interact and learn from BU’s vast alumni network. BU’s central aim is to provide students with meaningful connections and interactions that help them align their personal, academic, professional and social interests; assist them in pursuing careers that are a good fit for them personally; and acquire the well-rounded perspective necessary to become valued employees and successful entrepreneurs upon graduation.