Zeigler Institute for Professional Development

Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD)

ZIPD Mission

Learn, Experience, Grow, Demonstrate

Bloomsburg University's Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD) is a comprehensive educational experience designed to build the personal and professional capacities necessary for career success. Students gain a competitive edge in the job market or acceptance in graduate/professional school via knowledge, demonstrated professional skills, and networking experiences.

The ZIPD program is a comprehensive, holistic, educational experience that provides CORE professional development elements each student is required to complete to achieve ZIPD success.

ZIPD Requirements

ZIPD Program Benefits

  • Graduation Stole
  • Transcript Notation
  • Appreciation Award Breakfast
  • Exclusive Networking Invitations
  • Program Certification of Completion
  • Recommendation Letter for Internships/Jobs
  • ZCOB Graduation Awards Ceremony and Recognition
  • High Point Earners= Professional Development Grant Money
  • ZIPD Business Conference Networking Reception- ZIPD Core Requirement


"Today I was offered an internship with American Income Life Insurance Company for this winter! I am super excited, and I wanted to say thank you because the ZIPD program has given me help in the interview process. I had to go through three interviews and was told that I was very professional. I wanted to say thank you for all the opportunities that you provide for everyone in the ZIPD Elite program. Thanks!"
Missy Santo, Freshmen, ZIPD Elite Student

How to register

After BOLT self-registration, students are required to:

  • Register and attend one mandatory ZIPD Elite Edition Success Session. (ZEES)

New approach to business education

Terry and JoAnn Zeigler

Terry Zeigler '76, president and CEO of Datacap Systems Inc., and wife, JoAnn Schultz Zeigler '77, endowed the Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD) to help students cultivate professional skill sets, while developing a deeper understanding of how the functional areas of business interrelate. Terry Zeigler's experiences as co-founder of a small company convinced the couple of the importance of interconnected business education. Zeigler was in his 20s when he and two partners started Datacap Systems, which develops and markets E-payment interfaces that enable cash register and business system providers to add E-payments to their systems.

ZIPD students focus on ...

Sense of Self
Clarified Values
Community Service
Intellectual Growth
Enhanced Self-Esteem
Social Responsibility
Business Career Choice
Effective Communication

Appreciating Diversity
Realistic Self-Appraisal
Interpersonal Communication
Personal and Educational Goals
Global, Cultural, Ethical Awareness
Satisfying and Productive Lifestyle
Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships
Business Functions Interconnectedness
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Initiative and Drive


ZIPD Staff

Mary Lenzini Howe

Mary Lenzini Howe, Director
SH 242 | 570-389-4855 | mhowe@bloomu.edu

Sandy Freeman

Sandy Freeman, Administrative Support
SH 240 | 570-389-4422 | sfreeman@bloomu.edu