ePortfolio Instructions

In video below, Julia Bagnata demonstrates four steps for creating, completing, and successfully submitting your ePortfolio for BU English 101, Enrich 101, Enrich 110, and other classes.

1. Julia begins by demonstrating how to create your ePortfolio and build the basic structure expected for most BU classes as well as some options for personalizing your ePortfolio.

2. At 08:28 in the video, Julia demonstrates how to upload an artifact (usually an essay) to the BOLT platform so that it can be available to then put into your ePortfolio. Keep in mind that this is only the first of two steps needed to put a document inside your ePortfolio.

3. At 10:43 in the video, Julia shows how to move that artifact into the appropriate place within your ePortfolio.

4. In the final step, at 12:05 in the video, Julia demonstrates some critical steps for successfully submitting your ePortfolio to BOLT so that faculty can access and review it. Please view this section especially carefully to avoid problems students typically encounter.

If you need additional help, email WALES@bloomu.edu to request help from a WALES Consultant.

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