WALES Workshops

WALES Workshops

WALES Workshops

WALES no longer offers evening workshops, but students can schedule individual sessions with a WALES Consultant for help with either of the topics covered in our workshops.

ePortfolio Workshop (~40 minutes)

Currently all Enrich 101, Enrich 110, and English 101 students are required to complete an ePortfolio and are supported by WALES.  For faculty who wish to implement an ePortfolio requirement into their courses, WALES can support students with some of the logistics.  Please contact the WALES Director ( to see how we can support your students.

The ePortfolo workshop requires a computer lab.  In this workshop, students will log into the ePortfolio platform, start a presentation, upload an artifact (such as an essay), add that text to a presentation, and then submit a link to their presentation to their BOLT account for the course. When they have successfully submitted a functioning link, any further changes they make to the ePortfolio will show up through the link they have already provided.

Reading and Writing with Sources Workshop (~40 minutes)

This workshop is appropriate for freshmen through graduate students. Research at BU shows that as many as half of BU students believe that they know how to integrate outside sources into their work without violating BU’s Academic Integrity standards, but they really do not. Even graduate students have reported that prior to this workshop they had misunderstood how to work with sources. Students especially misunderstand how to successfully paraphrase ideas from their source material. This interactive workshop has students respond (clickers provided) to good and bad examples and compare them to their own strategies for working with sources. For many students, the workshop can be a startling revelation that the way they have always used sources in their writing does not match the standards described on their course syllabi and in BU’s Academic Integrity policy.

Questions may be directed to the WALES Director at