Office of Military and Veterans Resources

Office of Military and Veterans Resources

Bloomsburg University is the educational destination for over 400 military students and has been growing steadily in recent years during a period of declining enrollment. What makes BU different from many other colleges and universities is our unique appreciation for the fact that military students have different needs and attributes than non-military students. The centerpiece of our efforts is the Office of Military and Veterans Resources, or as we like to call it — The Military Office.

The Military Office differs from other colleges and universities in that we work for current and former military members, spouses and dependents, and ROTC cadets. We also have developed very strong relationships with area military recruiters in order to facilitate conversations for people who are interested in joining the military.

Our objectives in serving you are:

  • To assist with the overall integration, academic and personal success and retention of all military students, to include members of ROTC cadets, spouses and dependents, and current/former service members.
  • To elevate campus awareness regarding military student population and associate their issues, challenges, and strengths.

At Bloomsburg University, you will be taken care of by a network of dedicated individuals who appreciate your military service and go well out of their way to ensure that your time at BU is maximized. From Admissions to benefits, academic advising, military-specific programming, student organizations and more, BU sees you, the military student, as unique and deserving of additional resources:

  • The Military Office — Led by a two-tour combat veteran who understands academic affairs, student affairs, and strategic enrollment. Staffed by current and former military members who are using the same benefits you are and will assist you in maximizing your benefits, getting assistance with financial aid, or helping with your military or civilian career goals and aspirations.
  • Additional academic advising for all military students (on top of your major advisor) — Bob Heckrote is a dedicated professional who can explain every aspect from admissions to graduation.
  • Military Academic Credit Review Board (MAC-RB) – An individualized process which ensures military service and experience is acknowledged as appropriate academic credit. This process is innovative, even path-breaking. It exists nowhere else in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Only a handful of colleges and universities nationwide are doing anything so service-intensive and academically grounded to support military students and veterans.
  • GI Bill Certifying Official — Located in the Military Office to offer a one-stop experience.
  • Military specific programming, guest speakers, and events created specifically with military members in mind.
  • All military members who have graduated entry training receive two credits in healthy living which satisfies one of the 10 general education goals.
  • A co-curricular learning experience (CLE) specifically for military members who have experience with other cultures (usually in the form of a deployment) — This CLE earns 2 out of the5 points needed for the cultures and diversity general education requirement- and it's FREE!

The Military Office

Student Services Center 204
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Summer Hours
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

OMVR Contacts

  Bob Heckrote |
  Advisor for Military and Undeclared Students
  Student Services Center 204 | 570-389-4696
  Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  Dawn Orzolek |
  Student Success Center | GI Bill®
  Student Services Center 204 | 570-389-4264

  Judy Rostucher |
  Military Resources
  Student Services Center 204 | 570-389-4264

  Jamie Golden |
  Office of Financial Aid | National Guard EAP
  Student Services Center 119 | 570-389-4498

  Beth Coladonado |
  Office of Bursar | Tuition Assistance
  Waller Administration Building | 570-389-5261

  VA Vet Center – Berwick | 570-759-0351
  VA Vet Center – Williamsport | 570-327-5281
  VFW Post 804 – Bloomsburg | 570-784-4600
  American Legion Post 273 | 570-784-3015

BU earns PNGAS Guard-Friendly School Designation

Bloomsburg University is one of 30 colleges and universities that has earned the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) inaugural PNGAS Guard-Friendly School designation. Developed by the PNGAS Education Advisory Council, the PNGAS Guard-Friendly School standards were designed to recognize colleges, universities, and trade schools that meet or exceed ten (10) baseline criteria that create a supportive learning environment to assist members of the Pennsylvania Guard pursuing post-secondary degrees.

“Guardsmen have unique responsibilities that active-duty troops and reservists do not have, and this creates different challenges for them when pursuing a degree,” stated Brigadier General (Retired) George Schwartz, Chairman of the PNGAS Education Action Council. “These 30 schools have made a deliberate effort to be flexible, accommodating, and supportive of Guardsmen-Students and deserving of recognition. The PNGAS Guard Friendly School designation is a win-win!”

“We are honored to receive the PNGAS Guard-Friendly School designation,” said Bob Heckrote, advisor for military and undeclared students. “As a veteran myself, it is to recognize institutions that meet or exceed the criteria to support a positive learning environment for veterans. BU sees veterans as unique and deserving of additional resources. Those resources include admissions, academic advising, military-specific programming, student organizations, and more.”


Military Resources Center

One of the most common issues veterans face after coming home from a military deployment or after leaving active service is a sense of being lost and alone. These feelings can become even more magnified in the academic setting. The Military Resources Center is a safe place for current and former military members and military supporters to come and gather information relevant to their specific needs.

The Military Resource Center is staffed by current and former military members who are knowledgeable of specific military needs and solutions, and will do whatever it takes to resolve any issues. The Military Resources Center is located in Student Services Center 204 and is open Monday through Friday, 8: a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Stop by for free coffee and to get to know your military network.

Referral Services

In addition to the Military Resources Center, Bloomsburg University offers a number of resources, which any student, including military students, may contact if they are having any issues or concerns. Some such resources are: