Request a Tutor

Don't forget that there is other tutoring available on campus. Visit your course's department building to find out how you can get tutoring through your department. More often than not, department tutoring accepts walk-ins and you can get tutored through your department in addition to receiving tutoring through UTS.

BU Faculty Resources:

If you are a faculty member that has a student needing help with a particular course, please feel free to contact us to verify that we have a tutor for that particular subject. At UTS, we are willing to work with you in any way to ensure your students receive the help that they need.

FAQ of Tutees:

How can I sign up for a tutor?
If you are interested in requesting help with one or more subjects, you may fill out our online form.

Request a Tutor

How does tutoring work?
UTS offers peer tutoring for one hour per week, per course, free of charge to any Bloomsburg University student. Our tutoring is designed to provide additional assistance with your classes. Tutoring does not replace going to class, take the place of the professor, or substitute your own studying efforts. You may only request tutoring in courses that are offered here at Bloomsburg that you are currently enrolled in. You cannot request tutoring in a topic or subject that is not a course. For example, you cannot request tutoring for algebra skills; rather, you would have to request tutoring for College Algebra, only if you are enrolled in that course.

What happens to my session on a compressed schedule?
The UTS follows the compressed schedule for MWF classes. In case of class and session overlap be in contact with your tutor about rescheduling your session.

What if I missed class and now I have my tutoring session?
It is your responsibility to get the material from your fellow students. Neither your tutor nor your professors are required to teach you the material you have missed that day in class. Tutoring is no replacement for going to class!

I applied for a tutor a week or two ago and haven't heard back from UTS...
If you have not received any notice from the UTS since you left your application, call or stop by the office and ask for the status of your application. Sometimes we do not get tutors for certain classes despite our recruiting efforts. Also, there are dozens of students applying for tutoring, and we try to match everyone with a first-come-first-served approach.