ACTFL OPIc Language Exams

These language exams help you earn college credit for languages you already know.

BU’s Testing Center administers the Internet Speaking Test (OPIc). The Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer (OPIc) is an on-demand test that measures your ability to speak in a particular language. Questions are pre-recorded and designed to identify your specific proficiency level. It is a 20-40 minutes virtual conversation conducted online. During the exam you will speak into a headset and hold a conversation with an avatar on the computer. Grading/rating of the exam takes approximately 5 business days. BU’s Testing Center is an “OPEN” test center so anyone may test here.

Languages currently available:
Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Pashto, Persian Farsi, European Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


Which ACTFL OPIc language tests are accepted

Students Attending Bloomsburg University

The chairperson of BU’s Department of Languages and Cultures works with the Office of the Registrar to determine which tests will be accepted at BU. After the test ends, Bloomsburg University students turn in the completed Approval of Transfer Credit form to the Chairperson of BU’s Department of Languages and Cultures for credits to be applied.

Students Attending Other Institutions

Students attending institutions other than BU may take their ACTFL-OPIc language tests at BU’s Testing Center. Please check your institution’s policy before taking an ACTFL OPIc test to be sure your school will award credit, what score is required, and where credit will be applied.

Test Administration

Each ACTFL OPIc exam has 2 fees.

Fee #1: — Payable to the testing company, LTI. $70 Directions on how to register

Fee #2: — Payable online to BU’s Testing Center for test proctoring. $43.50 BU’s test proctoring fee is non-refundable.

Click on the red “Register Online” button at the bottom of this page to register for a seat at BU’s Testing Center. Tests are administered Monday through Friday throughout the year. Upon successful registration you will receive an email confirmation from BU’s Testing Center.

REMINDER: Bring 2 current forms of photo identification to your test appointment.

Government-issued identification (passport, driver’s license, or state ID card) is acceptable as the primary ID. Student ID cards are acceptable as secondary ID.


In case of illness on test day

Please contact BU’s Testing Center via email or phone so we can alert the proctors.


Phone: 570-389-2998