Foreign Language Placement Testing

One of Bloomsburg University’s General Education (MyCore) Goals is the Second Language Goal (Goal 8) which requires students to demonstrate basic communication in a second language.

  • One way to satisfy this goal is for BU students to demonstrate proficiency through a (20-40 minute) Foreign Language Placement Test.
  • Tests are available in the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Arabic, and Spanish (more to come, at a later date). Please consult BU’s Languages and Cultures Department to determine if other languages can be accommodated.
  • Students demonstrating proficiency on BU’s Foreign Language Placement Test, earn the two associated (MyCore) General Education Points (but do not earn credits towards graduation).
  • Students may also elect to satisfy the MyCore Second Language Goal by successfully completing American Sign Language 1 (ASLTERP 155), starting in the spring of their freshmen year.

Please note: Foreign Language Placement Test results (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Arabic, and Spanish) are for BU Use Only!

*BU Use Only: to determine BU's students' foreign language proficiency and/or to place them into the appropriate courses.


Completion Date

Remember, your MyCore Second Language Goal must be fulfilled by/before the time you graduate. It is recommended that you test as soon as possible.


For your convenience, online registration is available. However, there is a three-day ahead registration window; therefore, you need to register at least three days ahead of your intended test date. An email confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address in which you entered during the online registration process.


One form of current (unexpired) photo ID is required to test. Acceptable forms of photo ID: College ID, Driver's License, Passport, High School ID, State or Federal ID, Passport, Tribal ID, Naturalization Card or Certificate of Citizenship

(*) Students will not be permitted to test if they do not have a photo ID.

BU’s Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT) is administered on campus only, year-round in BU’s Testing Center, 411 Lightstreet Road, Bloomsburg.

The Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT) is a computer-based test; however, for your convenience, scratch paper and pencils will be provided.

Retest Policy

Each foreign language placement test can only be taken twice; however, you must wait at least two weeks between each attempt at the same language. All attempts at a foreign language placement test beyond the second attempt will be discarded.

While you can take the placement test at any time during the year, it is recommended that you complete the Foreign Language Placement Test, as soon as possible.


Details on how to cancel or reschedule a scheduled test date and time

For cancelations (within three days of your scheduled test date), please email, as there is a three-day ahead canceling window, and you will not be able to cancel your test date online. Thank you!

Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT

Details on BU’s Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT), please contact the Languages and Cultures Department (570) 389-4750, located in 230 Old Science Hall

For more information concerning ASLTERP 155, please contact Kristin Lizor at