SAP Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Frequently Asked Questions

General Software

    While working in SAP I've received a notice that I have been "timed out" and the system closes down. What can I do to prevent that?
    This is not controlled locally. It is a system default (1 hour time limit) established for all 14 universities. Please note that any activity within the SAP system will reset the clock to zero, so even just pulling down a menu item periodically will start the 1 hour time period over again.

    When logging into SAP, I typed my logon name incorrectly a few times and these keep showing up in the drop down history. Is there a way to get rid of these?
    You can delete incorrect (or unneeded) history items in any field. To do this, roll your cursor over the text you would like to delete...but do not click on the text. Once your cursor is over the text and it is highlighted, simply press the Delete button on your keyboard.

    I deleted my PRD logon in SAP. How do I get it back?
    You may contact the Help Desk (4357) for assistance, or if you'd like to attempt restoring it on your own, follow these steps:
    1. Open the SAP logon pad
    2. Unlock the modify capabilities if necessary by going under options and de-selecting Disable editing functions, to find this click the upper left hand icon on the SAP logon pad, just to the left of the description SAP Logon 620
    3. Close this box (OK)
    4. Click on the groups button (PRD is different from the training sessions in that it uses a group of servers not just a single server so the set up is different)
    5. Under system Id there should be PRD, if not put it there
    6. Under message server type this ip number if it is not there
    7. Click Generate list
    8. Select SSHE-PRD and click Add
    9. That's it, it should now be on the logon pad, try it and see
    10. If editing was disabled turn it off again.
    11. If you need assistance with these steps, please contact the help desk at 4357.

    Funds Reservations

    When using transaction FMX1, how do I get a funds reservation number if I have received an error message?
    If you get an error on the funds reservation, you need to click on the green back button icon. A popup message will appear asking if you want to save, edit, or cancel. Choose save. Another popup box will appear stating you have errors. Just click on the green checkmark icon and a funds reservation number will appear at the bottom of the screen.


    How do I return something ordered from the Storeroom?
    Contact Dang Labelle for assistance.

    Is there a way to search for a storeroom material list?
    Yes! There is a transaction called MM60. You can use this by typing that transaction number in the white command field of SAP. Or, feel free to add that as a "favorite" under your storeroom folder if you wish. To do this, right mouse click on the storeroom folder and choose "add transaction." When the drop down window appears, type in MM60.

    To use: Bring up transaction MM60. On the very first screen, be sure to enter 10 in the Plant field. If you would like to narrow your search to just show office supplies, enter 075000 in the "material group" field. (There is also a field called "Material" if you know a material number and want to just check the price of a particular item.) When you've filled in your search criteria, click on the clock icon to execute the report.
    Note: Prices vary so you will want to check this transaction periodically to view current pricing.

    Can I print the results of the MM60 report that shows all storeroom items, complete with prices?
    Yes. The "print" icon is active on this report. Make certain that you set up your printer properly, within SAP, prior to printing. The instructions can be found on the Home Page of this website under the Training Materials link (Getting Started section).
    Remember: Prices vary so be sure to check this transaction periodically for current pricing.

    When entering a storeroom reservation, how do I know what unit of measure my item is?
    After entering the material number and quantity, you can click on the green checkmark icon (or press Enter) for the unit of measure to show.

    How much is a LOT (in unit of measure field)?
    The unit of measure is 50.

    How do I change a storeroom reservation?
    Use transaction MB22. The way you use this transaction is explained fully in the training materials. If you need to refer to them, go to the Home Page of this website and click on the Training Materials link for the Purchasing materials. This information is provided under "Changing or Deleting a Storeroom Reservation."

    How can I find the pricing total of my storeroom reservation?
    You will be able to look this up in the system after Dang has completed the order and it has posted.

    Run the "all postings" budget report (transaction FMRP_RFFMEP1AX) which shows all activity on your budget. To sort it to just see the storeroom reservation transactions, follow these steps:
    * Click on the column title of "Value Type Text"
    * Next, click on the icon that looks like a funnel. When you roll your cursor over it, it says "set filter"
    * In the "filter criteria" window that appears, type Profit* in the text field.
    * Click on the green checkmark (or press Enter).
    * The report now is filtered to show only Profit transfers (which would be storeroom reservations). You can scroll down the page to see dates and amounts of order.
    * If you want to see the original document associated with any particular line, click on that line's number under the RefDocNo field.

    I see only 3 items when I view my reservation, but I know I ordered more. Why is this?
    This is probably due to how your computer screen is set up (resolution). To change this, go to the Control Panel and choose the Display option. Make your resolution smaller to allow more items to view. Note: Changing the resolution will affect the view of everything on your computer. Please call the help desk if you require assistance in changing your screen resolution.