Voicemail Web Access

Voicemail Web Access


You may access your voicemail user preferences by logging in to the web page at https://voicemail.bloomu.edu/user.


Enter your phone extension as the "Mailbox number", your voicemail password as the "Messaging password", and then click "Log In".

Use the Web Client Guide if you need assistance navigating around the preferences.

Please note, the voicemail system upgrade that took place during the Spring 2014 semester removed the ability to access voicemails directly in your web browser, however there is now an option to have voicemails forwarded to your email account immediately as they are left for you. To enable this option after you log in, simply click the "Notify Me" tab on the left side and then select the "Email me a notification for each voice message" checkbox, enter your email address, select the "Include the recording" checkbox, and then click "Save".