Features of the Telephone System

Features of the Telephone System

Telephone Features

Abbreviated or Speed Dialing - Allows a telephone user to either dial an abbreviated dialing access code list number or press a button on a multiple line telephone to dial frequently called telephone numbers.

Automatic Callback - Allows a user the capability of having the telephone system redial a busy telephone number. The system will call back the user first then connect the busy party. Will not work if the extension has call coverage assigned to it.

Call Coverage - Forwards a telephone extension to a predetermined coverage path.

Call Forward Follow Me - Forwards all telephone calls of an extension to a telephone number of the individuals choice.

Call Pickup - Provides the capability of answering telephone calls of extensions in your call pickup group.

Last Number Dialed - Automatically redials the last telephone number dialed.

Malicious Call Trace - Provides the capability of tracing malicious telephone calls.

Priority Calling - Allows a caller to use a distinctive three-burst ringing when placing an important internal telephone call. Provides the capability of overriding send all calls to ring a telephone in send all calls.

Send All Calls - Immediately forwards all telephone calls to the predetermined coverage points.