Telephone System


Loren McNett, Manager, 570-389-4387
Todd Karnes, 570-389-4598
Jeff Taylor, 570-389-4117

The University owns its own telephone system.  The University maintains and supports a 3400 line PBX system, providing service to faculty, staff & students.

Dialing Instructions

On campus number - dial the four (4) digit extension.

Local and long distance numbers - dial 9 followed by area code and seven-digit number.  

Toll-free numbers - dial 9 1 (toll-free exchange) and the seven-digit number.

International numbers - Contact Telecommunications at x4406 in advance to schedule the call.

Campus Office Moves

If you or your department is moving to a new location on campus, enter a help desk ticket at least one week in advance so we can have the resources available for your move. The proper selections for the help desk ticket are shown below. To open a help desk ticket go to If you have any questions on the process, contact us.

help desk ticket