Frequently Asked Questions for Students for Copyright Complains:

Frequently Asked Questions for Students for Copyright Complains:

Q: What does this email I received mean?

"Your internet connection is temporarily disabled until you reply to this email regarding the contents below.

So you understand why your network connection was disabled: The threat of lawsuits concerning copyrighted material is real. Bloomsburg University disables internet connections as we are informed by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America Inc) that monitors file sharing on the internet. By default, most file-sharing programs (eg. LimeWire) automatically re-share everything you download back onto the internet. Therefore, all file sharing needs to be disabled. The other option would be to uninstall the file-sharing program. If you feel confident that you have turned off file-sharing or have uninstalled your file-sharing program, I can restore your internet connection.

Please respond to this email with any questions, concerns, or actions."

A: We received a valid copyright complaint from the copyright holder. You need to remove the copyrighted material and all programs that you used to download copyrighted material off the internet. The Residential Computing helpdesk can assist you if you’re unsure how to do this. Once this is done, reply to the email that it’s done and we’ll restore your access.