TALE Awards

Teacher-Scholar Grant Opportunities

The TALE Teacher-Scholar Grants Call for Proposals has been made. Proposals are evaluated on the basis of their value to the enhancement of teaching and learning in the classroom at Bloomsburg University. Six awards are being offered as a component of the Faculty Professional Development Program opportunities. The maximum funding for each is $2,000 and must be spent in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Three awards are dedicated to tenure-track faculty; three are open competition to all tenured faculty. The funding will be granted to support the following categories: Workshop related to teaching; Faculty endeavors in developing and implementing new classroom strategies; Pedagogy-related research; and Service learning classroom components. Applications are submitted through InfoReady:

For more details and application for tenure track faculty: https://bloomu.infoready4.com/CompetitionSpace/#competitionDetail/1826365

For more details and application for tenured faculty: https://bloomu.infoready4.com/CompetitionSpace/#competitionDetail/1826358

Outstanding Teaching Awards

The faculty are nominated by graduating seniors and selected by a committee of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement (TALE) Center Tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible for the awards; faculty who have won the award in the last ten years are not eligible. The awards are announced near the end of each spring semester.

Outstanding Teaching Award Recipients

2020: Carolyn LaMacchia, Information and Technology Management; Erin Brummett, Communication Studies
2019: Michael Hickey, History; Monica Favia, Marketing and Professional Sales; Jeff Brunskill, Meteorology and GIS
2018: David Fazzino, Anthropology; Victoria Geyfman, Finance; Claire Lawrence, English; Steven Welch, Management
2017: Jessy Defenderfer, Political Science; Biswajit Ray, Physics and Engineering, Craig Young; Teaching and Learning
2016: Kristie Byrum, Mass Communications; Mike Shapeero, Accounting
2015: Shiloh Erdley, Social Work; Darrin Kass, Management; Mary Katherine Waibel-Duncan, Psychology
2014: Jodi Ackerman, Instructor of Interpreting; Denise Klinger, Counseling & Student Affairs; Babak Mohassel, Criminal Justice
2013: Denise Davidson, Counseling & College Student Affairs; John Grandzol, Management; Jennifer Johnson, Psychology
2012: Thomas Starmack, Educational Studies & Secondary Education; Nathaniel Greene, Physics & Engineering
2011: Christian Grandzol, Management; Pamela Smith, Audiology & Speech Pathology
2010: Peter Bohling, Economics; Cynthia Surmacz, Biological & Allied Health
2009: Barbara A. Wilson, Exceptionality Programs; Michael J. Karpinski, Exceptionality Programs
2008: Margie Eckroth-Bucher, Nursing; Jennifer Scotter, Social Work
2007: Janet Reynolds Bodenman, Communication Studies; Frank D' Angelo, Early Childhood & Elementary Education
2006: Steven Hales, Philosophy; William Hudon, History
2005: Laura Davis, Finance & Legal Studies; Stephen Whitworth, English
2004: Darrin Kass, Management; Kevin Ferland, Mathematics
2003: Yvette Samson, Sociology; Michael Shapeero, Accounting
2001: Robert Gates, Educational Studies; John Grandzol, Management; Andrea Pearson, Art History
2000: Chuck Laudermilch, Sociology; Peter Bohling, Economics

Recipients of the New and Junior Grant Awards

Junior Grant Award Recipients
L to R: Jenn Haney, Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences;
Carolyn Reid-Brown, Exceptionalities; Abby Hare-Harris, Biological and Allied Health

Recipients of Teacher Scholar Grants

Recipients of Teacher Scholar Grants
L to R: Jing Luo, Languages; Debra Minzola, Nursing; Dina Clark, Accounting;
David Fazzino, Anthropology. Not pictured: Shiloh Erdley, Social Work

Outstanding Teaching Awards 2019

Outstanding Teacher Awards
L to R: Michael Hickey, History; Monica Favia, Marketing and Professional Sales;
Jeff Brunskill, Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences