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All recorded sessions from the weeks of March 9 and 16 are located in the TALE organization in BOLT. All faculty should have TALE as a "course" which they can search for through their BOLT login.

Bloomsburg University's TALE Center facilitates dialogue among faculty on the art and science of university teaching; it provides support of teaching through center resources and programs. Programs and services are designed to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas, disseminate information, develop projects and conduct inquiries that enhance knowledge and practice of university instruction, stimulate and enable the development of effective strategies and technologies, provide new faculty with information and support, respond to faculty needs and promote a commitment to teaching excellence.

TALE has numerous teaching resources available to all faculty as an organization in BOLT; we offer readings, videos, URL links, etc on a variety of teaching topics. As a faculty member, you have been enrolled in the TALE organization; just search for TALE on your home page, pin it, and start exploring. You can search the content for keywords.

How can you contribute?

  • Participate in TALE events. TALE holds book clubs, faculty and staff conduct seminars on topics related to teaching, and we periodically offer workshops.
  • Become a resource person who shares his/her expertise. Bloomsburg University faculty have a wealth of experience to share: using PowerPoint creatively; engaging discussion methods; meaningful lecture techniques; practical ideas about teaching under-prepared students; active learning strategies; writing effective exam question; making group work effective; and the list goes on. Are you particularly adept at managing large classes? Do you engage in learner-centered teaching techniques that you can share? Do you have experience on using particular software, e.g. student response systems? Can you share expertise in distance education? You can share your expertise and be part of the dialogue by posting to BOLT, creating a video or podcast, holding online discussions, and face-to-face seminars.
  • Make recommendations to TALE. Are there books, articles, websites or blogs that TALE might share with faculty?
  • Serve as TALE Ambassador. Represent your department as TALE Ambassador which includes not only brainstorming with other faculty about the needs of our community, but also sharing what you learn at TALE with your department.
  • Serve on a TALE Committee. If a TALE Committee gets formed, would you be willing to serve?

TALE Office

  Lisa Stallbaumer | lstallba@bloomu.edu
Administrative Assistant
  Sharon R. Coombe | scoombe@bloomu.edu

Andruss Library
4th Floor (419, 420)

TALE Hours Fall and Spring
Monday to Friday, 9-11 a.m.

Advisory Board

    Erin Brummett, COLA
    Robin Drogan, COE
    Heather Feldhaus, Graduate Studies and Research
    Dennis Frohlich, COLA
    Sadie Hauck, Research and Sponsored Programs
    Cheryl Howlett, ZCOB
    Kai Kuang, COLA
    Paul Loomis COST
    Ronda Mariani, ZCOB
    Cassandra Sachar, Academic Enrichment
    Marianna Wood, Biological and Allied Health Sciences
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