Summer Transition to BU Series

As a new BU student, parent or supporter, you've probably got questions you’re eager to get answered. And we’re here to help! In the Office of New Student Orientation, we know there's a lot of information to process prior to the start of classes. That’s why we created the Summer Transition to BU Series to help break down important information for you in a much easier and interactive way!

The series is designed to introduce you to a variety of areas on campus, connect you to the “experts” in those areas through live events and help make your transition into the Husky family an easy one!

Throughout the summer, the Office of New Student Orientation will be sending you emails containing videos you can watch conveniently online. All you have to do is check your email! After each video, there will be a live event where you can interact with that week’s “expert” and ask any questions you might have!

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Summer Transition



On Oct. 9, 1933, the student body of the Bloomsburg State Teachers College voted nearly unanimously in favor of adopting the husky as the school's first official mascot. Proposed by art professor and avid husky trainer George J. Keller as the ideal mascot because of his noble qualities, an actual husky donated by Keller made his first appearance at a pep rally on Oct. 13. Named Roongo after a combination of maroon and gold.

Meet Roongo

Professional U

Professional U at BU connects students with alumni, employers, and opportunities integrating the academic experience with professional experience in “real world” settings. Through the exploration of professional development topics and experiential learning, students build skills and confidence which prepare them for personal and professional success upon graduation.

Why it's important

A student perspective

Financial Aid and the Bursar

Your education and college finances matter to us. Bloomsburg University's Financial Aid Office is here to help you prepare and be financially fit for your education. The Bursar Office is responsible for all aspects of your student account.

Financial Aid

The Bursar

Bloomsburg University Police Department

The Bloomsburg University Police Department (BUPD) The Bloomsburg University Police Department offers a variety of resources for crime deterrence and response, including uniform patrol, bicycle patrols, investigators, community outreach and other support services. Motor vehicle parking on Bloomsburg University's campus is regulated and strictly enforced by university police. Motorists are strongly encouraged to park in appropriate locations, obtain necessary permits, and follow posted rules to avoid almost certain parking citations and fines..

Safety at BU

Carpool Karaoke

On-Campus Housing and Campus Dining

Your new home at BU is ready for you and is filled with great opportunities to live, learn, and have fun. The primary goal of on-campus living is to maintain a safe and academically supportable environment that enhances your college experience. The Office of Residence Life oversees on-campus living, which includes: apartment complexes, residence halls, as well as several campus life services such as campus dining, the card center, and residential computing.  Bloomsburg University's Dining Services is committed to providing every customer with variety, flexibility and value. Get a sneak peak of all of the dining and meal plan options here at BU!



Campus Dining

Health and Wellness

Bloomsburg University's Student Health Center provides high quality, basic health care to students with a strong emphasis on health promotion and preventative health education designed to ensure students reach their educational goals. Bloomsburg University Drug, Alcohol, and Wellness Network (DAWN) focuses on helping students fully understand how a choice to use alcohol and drugs can affect their health, academic performance, career and legal standing. Healthy Husky Initiatives educate and motivate students to adopt healthy behaviors. Research demonstrates that healthy students are successful students!

Health and Wellness

Academic Advisement Center

Bloomsburg University’s Academic Advisement Center collaborates with students on their academic potential through support services and engaging programs designed to assist them in achieving personal and professional success in an increasingly complex global environment.

Academic Advising