Student Success Specialists

The Student Success Program is designed to promote academic achievement for students with a cumulative GPA at or below a 2.5 with special attention paid to students with a semester GPA below 2.0. Other targeted cohorts may include undeclared freshman, struggling sophomores, or any student on academic probation. The Success Specialists work to increase active participation, engagement, and commitment to the institution with the goal of improving retention of the targeted group. The Success Specialists are responsible for aiding students in the development and implementation of a retention plan to assist students in progressing towards degree completion.

Mission Principles

  • Academically engaging students
  • Connecting students with appropriate resources to foster success
  • Orienting students towards a college or academic department
  • Orienting students towards career aspirations
  • Giving students a deeper understanding of self and others
  • Giving students a deeper understanding of a college education


Success Specialists are assigned by the college in which the students are enrolled. For example, if you are an Undeclared Student your Success Specialist would be the Undeclared Success Specialist, Laura Davis.


Success Specialist, College of Science and Technology and Zeigler College of Business
Luke Betley, M.Ed. | 570-389-4448 SH Rm 244

Success Specialist, College of Education, College of Liberal Arts-Undeclared
Laura Davis M.Ed 570-389-2521 SSC 206

Success Specialist, College of Liberal Arts
Rachel Shaffer, BA 570-389-2520 SSC 207

Helpful Resources/Services

 *For a full list of student resources please click this link


Q:  Is this program required for graduation?

A:  No, it is not required for graduation but it is strongly recommended to help ensure that you achieve academic success.

Q: What if I choose not to participate?

A: If you choose not to participate, you will still have the opportunity to utilize the services being offered by the Success Specialists.

Q: What is Academic Probation/Dismissal?

A: For clarification on Bloomsburg University’s policy on Undergraduate Academic Retention Standards please click this link

Q: Does this mean I do not have to meet with my Academic Advisor?

A: NO, the Student Success Program is an additional service to meeting with your Academic Advisor. It is very important that you meet with your Academic Advisor throughout your time here as a student.

How has the Student Success Program impacted you on your academic journey?

“My student success specialist was extremely helpful in helping motivate me, keeping myself realistic with what I could accomplish, offering to reach out to my professors for help, and in general just keeping me on track. I felt supported both academically and personally.” — College of Liberal Arts Student

“The College of Science and Technology Success Program has helped me out by helping me focus on what I need to be doing and helping me navigate my way through my college career.” — College of Science and Technology Student

“Luke Betley is the perfect man for this job. He has been in the same shoes as the students who walk through this program, and he understands that there are multifaceted individuals who experience Academic Probation. He knows there are variables specific to each individual and works his hardest to help you dig yourself out of the hole you made. Luke has made me a better student through helping me define my goals, and set up a routine that meets my needs.” — Zeigler College of Business Student