The Student Success Center

The Student Success Center, operating out of the Strategic Enrollment Management Division at Bloomsburg University is fully committed to Inclusive Leadership Excellence (ILE). ILE is the recognition that true academic excellence, global leadership and institutional mission, requires us to include, engage, and learn from one another. A culture of ILE encourages us to embrace inclusion and leadership with greater intentionality and attentiveness to how it can be transformative to an entire campus community while leveraging NEXT practices against BEST practices. Above all, ILE asks us to actively engage one another for the purpose of providing the very best 360 High Impact Practices to our students. ILE represents a shift, not in the essence of our work, but in how we communicate it and subsequently how we carry it out.

Critical Mission Objectives

BU’s SSC Division promotes the following key objectives as they align with the Strategic Enrollment Plan:

Academic Advising
Financial Capital
Social Capital and Leadership & Decision Making
Career Capital
Professional Services Resourcing

Student Success Center Departments

Academic Enrichment (AE)

ACT 101 & EOP
Academic Advisement
Diversity & Retention
TRiO Upward Bound
Knowledge Skills (Univ. Tutoring)

Military Affairs
Sophomore Success Program
W.A.L.E.S (Writing Center)
Frederick Douglass Institute
Student Success Collaborative (SSC)



Student Success Center

Martha (Marty) Wygmans

Associate Vice President
Martha (Marty) Wygmans, Ed.D.

Jill Whitenight

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Jill Whitenight

Dawn Orzolek

Management Technician/Military Affairs
Ms. Dawn Orzolek

Student Success Center
225 Student Services Center