Student Success Collaborative

Student Success Collaborative

Student success begins on day one, from acceptance to move-in day through each class to walking the graduation stage. This success is at the core of Bloomsburg University's mission. In order to assist students with timely completion of their degrees, BU has joined the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) — combining technology, research and predictive analytics to improve student retention.

SSC analyzes past retention, graduation rates and student performance by college to identify pathways and support services needed to ensure student success. It's designed to improve retention and completion by providing data to help students find the right major early in their college careers. The user-friendly software’s real-time assessment of required course sequencing and academic performance indicators equips academic advisors with information to help students navigate course selections and select majors, while inspiring and instructing them toward tangible goals.


How does it work?

Student Success Collaborative expands our existing data, advising tools and predictive analytics to better reflect former and current BU students’ academic progress and success. It also provides career information, including job outlook and demographic information for specific career fields.

The platform’s success relies on all stakeholders working together to input data, review notes and analytics and follow up with and engage students. We must be willing to invest resources and intellectual capacity to maximize learning and retention through use of the software.

  • Bloomsburg University joined the Student Success Collaborative in June 2014, along with more than 100 other universities across the country.
  • Bloomsburg is the fifth institution in the State System to participate in the program. (Shippensburg, Clarion, Slippery Rock and IUP are members.).
  • The goal of the partnership is to increase our retention to completion efforts, and ultimately improve our graduation rates.
  • SSC combines technology, research, process improvement and predictive analytics to help institutions improve outcomes for at-risk and off-path students.
  • SSC analyzes Bloomsburg’s unique student data (from 2005 to present) and displays it in a platform that allows deans, chairs, advisors, faculty and enrollment managers to have earlier, more proactive, and more data-driven conversations with at-risk students.
  • The SSC team and Bloomsburg’s team will work together to develop customized risk indicators for targeted academic programs and initiatives based on trends in our historical data.
  • Through the SSC platform, advisors will be able to help students evaluate and compare alternative majors based on their predicted academic performance in any program.