Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning


Phase 1

  • Review essential background context and internal/external data
  • Conduct key stakeholder interviews to get perspectives on current state and input on the process
  • Clarify goals and outcomes
  • Form the Strategic Planning Committee and Working Groups

Phase 2

  • Gather input from internal and external stakeholders via workshops, focus groups, surveys and web-based comment box

Phase 3

  • Develop the strategic plan in partnership with the Strategic Planning Committee and informed by the Working Groups
  • Solicit early feedback on the high-level framework with Council of Trustees in June
  • Campus and stakeholder review and comment period on draft
  • Finalize the plan

Phase 4

  • Gain final approval from the Council of Trustees in October 2020
  • Ensure the governance and organizational structure and processes are in place for effective plan implementation

From the President - March 3, 2020

As I discussed during my Spring Update last week, we are beginning a strategic planning process that will take shape over the next several months with your collective input and ideas. Given the current landscape in higher education on a national level as well as in the State System, it is critical that we define and articulate a strategic vision and priorities that are distinctly BU’s own path forward. As we create this roadmap that will guide the University over the next 10 years, we must anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our students, region and the Commonwealth. We must now take advantage of this unique opportunity. Let us collaborate strategically, think innovatively, and plan boldly so that we – together – can ensure that Bloomsburg University will be in a position of strength for the next decade and beyond.

To be most effective, our strategic plan must include the perspectives of all: our students, faculty and staff, alumni and friends, trustees and board members, employer partners, and local business and community leaders. I invite all stakeholders to participate in one of the numerous opportunities to provide input. We have engaged Blue Beyond Consulting, a management consulting firm that specializes in facilitating inclusive and collaborative strategic planning, in helping with this process.

This month and next, there are several ways that you can participate in the process to ensure your voice is heard:

Strategic Planning Workshops – This is the most interactive way to engage with a mix of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to envision, share, and contribute. Exact time and details for the workshops will be shared on the strategic planning website (the confirmed dates that Blue Beyond will be on campus are March 31-April 1, and April 21-23). Once registration opens, we recommend you register early as attendance will be limited by venue size.
Focus Groups – We will be holding small group discussions with different campus audiences to gather input. We will also host open-invitation focus groups on a first-to-register basis for those who are not able to attend a workshop.
Strategic Plan Surveys – Students, faculty, staff, and alumni will have the opportunity to share feedback on specific topics via surveys to be released later this semester.
Open Comment Box – If you have a specific idea or comment to share, then please send it directly through the feedback section on the strategic planning website.

To help us analyze the feedback from our campus community and develop a strategic plan which will be presented in its entirety to the Council of Trustees in October 2020, we have formed a Strategic Planning Steering Committee. This committee will be chaired by Dr. Angela Hess, Chairperson of the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences.

To learn more about the many opportunities for involvement, as well as the overall planning process and timeline, please visit our website for regular updates.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Your perspective is essential to BU’s collective future. I look forward to working with our Steering Committee, collaborating with all of you, and building BU’s strategic vision together.

Onward and upward!

Bashar W. Hanna, Ph.D.


Stragetic Planning
Peter Kelly, Diana Rogers-Adkinson, and John Riley



Strategic Plan Contact

Andira Dodge
400 East Second Street, Carver Hall

About Blue Beyond Consulting

Blue Beyond was founded in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are a growing firm with team members in the West, Midwest, and Northeast, and provide services to clients all over North America. Most of their work is with global Fortune 500 companies, but they also consult with non-profits, universities, and small and mid-sized firms. Mission-driven organizations need to remain grounded in vision and values to stay strong, relevant, and effective in today’s ever-changing economic and political landscape. Blue Beyond focuses on the strategic plan deliverable and also on the process — and what the process enables with regards to strategic plan implementation.