Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning


Phase 1

  • Review essential background context and internal/external data
  • Conduct key stakeholder interviews to get perspectives on current state and input on the process
  • Clarify goals and outcomes
  • Form the Strategic Planning Committee and Working Groups

Phase 2

  • Gather input from internal and external stakeholders via workshops, focus groups, surveys and web-based comment box

Phase 3

  • Develop the strategic plan in partnership with the Strategic Planning Committee and informed by the Working Groups
  • Solicit feedback from the Council of Trustees
  • Campus and stakeholder review and comment period on draft (Feb)
  • Finalize the plan (March)

Phase 4

  • Gain final approval from the Council of Trustees in early 2021
  • Ensure the governance and organizational structure and processes are in place for effective plan implementation

From the President - September 2, 2020

I’m pleased to share that despite the challenging circumstances we’ve all been experiencing this year, we have continued to make progress in our strategic planning process. We’ve completed several important milestones over the summer, including sending student and alumni surveys, meetings with our strategic planning committee and working groups, and holding input sessions with our Cabinet and Council of Trustees.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on higher education nationally and within the State System, our strategic planning efforts are even more critical. As we create the vision for BU’s path forward, we must prioritize carefully, intentionally, and with the student experience at the forefront of our decision-making. We must determine where we should invest and innovate to differentiate ourselves while remaining flexible in our approach so that we can properly respond and adapt to the dynamic needs of our campus and our community.

Your involvement in the strategic planning process is vital; it will enable us as a community to identify our core values, establish our priorities, and align around a shared vision of our future about which we can all get excited. Our success as a university depends upon us working together to draft and implement a strategic plan that charts our course for a sustainable future. I encourage all members of the BU community to actively participate and contribute to this process. Visit our Opportunities for Involvement page for upcoming workshops and other ways to participate.

As we continue with this strategic planning journey, please check back frequently to stay up to date on opportunities for involvement, as dates and times may shift given the current circumstances.

Thank you again for your ongoing participation and involvement. I look forward to collaborating with you to build BU’s strategic vision together.

Onward and upward!

Bashar W. Hanna, Ph.D.


Stragetic Planning
Peter Kelly, Diana Rogers-Adkinson, and John Riley



Strategic Plan Contact

Andira Dodge
400 East Second Street, Carver Hall

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