Sophomore Success Program

Sophomore Success Program (SSP)

Bloomsburg University's Sophomore Success Program is a 360 service designed to promote academic achievement for undeclared or undecided sophomore students with a GPA between a 2.0 and 2.5 and/or who are on academic probation. This service operates under the Student Success Center that aligns, supports, and identifies with the Strategic Enrollment Plan Strategy: Sophomore Success Program. It's a way to respond to students needs that need academic assistance during their sophomore year. Goals of this program are to increase the rate of academic success and retention among all sophomores. This will be exhibited by:

  • Academically engaging students
  • Socially and interpersonally engaging students
  • Orienting students towards a major
  • Orienting students towards career aspirations
  • Giving students a deeper understanding of self and others
  • Giving students a deeper understanding of a college education
Is this program required for graduation?

  » No, it is not required for graduation but it is strongly recommended to help ensure that you achieve academic achievement and success.

What if I choose not to participate?

  » If you choose not to participate, you will still have the opportunity to utilize the services being offered but not meet with a SSP staff member.

Can I still utilize this service if I declared a major or minor?

  » YES, it is strongly recommended that you utilize these services even if you have declared a major or minor.

Can I still utilize this service if I have a GPA higher than a 2.5?

  » YES, it is strongly recommended that you utilize these services even if you have a GPA higher than a 2.5.

Does this mean I do not have to meet with my Academic Advisor?

  » NO, the SSP is an additional service to meeting with your Academic Advisor. It is very important that you meet with your Academic Advisor throughout your time here as a student.

Sophomore Success Retention Specialist

Luke Betley

Luke Betley, M.Ed.
SSC Office 039A


SSP Purpose

BU's SSP serves as a service to assist sophomores through the five mission critical SSC objectives. The program outcomes include providing services to declare a major, achieving a cumulative GPA greater than a 2.5, developing a greater commitment to achieving an educational goal, developing a greater commitment to BU, and improving the second to third year retention rates of the targeted population.

Five Mission Critical SSC Objectives

BU’s SSC Division promotes five key objectives as they align with the Strategic Enrollment Plan:

  • Academic Advising
  • Financial Capital
  • Social Capital and Leadership and Decision Making
  • Career Capital
  • Professional Services Resourcing

SSP Services

Center for Professional Development and Career Experience. Services included but are not limited to:

SSP Academic Resources

BU's SSP staff through the SSP will provide students the resources and go over the SSP plan to help them achieve a cumulative GPA greater than a 2.5 (or what is needed for their intended major) and provide services to help them declare a major.

How has SSP impacted you on your academic journey?

"Going through what I went through since my Fall 2017 semester, I have not been able to perform to my full potential or ability academically. Bloomsburg University has many resources for students to get help but in my personal experience the SSP has by far been the most helpful to me. Luke Betley has not only played his role in this program but goes above and beyond. He has been a mentor to me, a role model, and a friend that ensures you succeed not only at Bloomsburg University."

    Tariq Blakney ‘21

"This program has provided me with much reinforcement in myself and in my academic progress. I have learned to write down all the important events I have happening in my schedule along with making new connections with my professors. Before I was introduced to this program, I would not write down important due dates and thought I would be able to remember them on my own, which I found out later that it was not a great idea. I have also learned that the professors are not against you, they are here to help you and want you to succeed. This program has helped me choose my path I want to follow and has helped me improve my overall college experience. I am so glad I chose to meet with Luke Betley and I would suggest this program to anyone who is struggling with grades and overall guidance on what to do."

    Demiryah Dennis ‘21

"Three sentences would not be enough for me to explain how the Sophomore Success Program has helped me succeed this academic semester. I was able to set goals that were realistic and I was able to accomplish most, if not all of them. Honestly, before coming back to Bloomsburg University I was making a mistake especially since I knew my sister would not be here anymore to push me through. But, through this program I was able to gain a new family."

    Josephine Patterson ‘20

"The Sophomore Success Program was very beneficial to me. Luke Betley’s meetings were very helpful with keeping me on track with my grades and in helping me declare a major. I am no longer undeclared and will begin my major in the Spring 2019 semester."

    Victoria Schafte ‘21