Required Tests for Teacher Certification

Required Tests for Teacher Certification

Basic Skills Assessment

There are several testing options that meet the Basic Skills Assessment requirements in PA. Students can meet the requirement by obtaining the required scores noted below on one or more (mix and match) of the following Basic Skills Assessment: the PRAXIS CORE (Core Academic), PAPA, SAT, or ACT. Students must take one of these Basic Skills Assessment by their second semester at Bloomsburg University, and pass the tests prior to being admitted into candidacy (sophomore year). A student cannot become a certified teacher or take most upper-level education courses unless they meet the score requirements for the Basic Skills Assessment.

PDE Certification Test: Basic Skills Assessment-Certification Test and Score Requirements

Test information can be found at the testing websites. Remember to prepare for the Basic Skills Assessment by studying/practicing/reviewing. Practice tutorials and tests are available through the internet.

Praxis Core Online Course and Practice Tests

The following course (tutorial and practice tests) is available online.

Click on the "Register NEW Account" Then enter the following information:

  • School Number: 83774
  • School Key: praxissuccess
  • After entering this information, please enter your email address, First and Last name and Student ID Number (ID# Optional).
  • Once Registration is completed, you will be issued a username and password. Please keep this for each time you log in.
  • After logging into the program for the first time, please start with the section “Introduction to the Praxis Core.”
  • This will introduce you to the course and offer suggestions on how to get the most out of the instruction and practice tests.

PECT Testing

PECT: Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests

Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT): Program completers must take the following tests to apply for their teacher certification in Pennsylvania.

The PECT is not required for graduation but is required to obtain a PDE teaching license. Passing scores are based 3.0 GPA at graduation, and then are scaled downward based on higher GPAs.

PDE Certification Test: PECT Test and Score Requirements

Special Education PreK-8

  • Module 1 (8011)
  • Module 2 (8012)


  • Module 1 Child Dev., Prof (8006)
  • Module 2 Lang, Social Studies (8007)
  • Module 3 Math, Science (8008)

Test information can be found at the testing website Remember to prepare for the PECT by studying/ practicing/reviewing. Preparation courses and resources can be accessed at and the BU COE website