Renowned DEA agent reveals ins-and-outs of undercover life

Renowned DEA agent reveals ins-and-outs of undercover life

Michael Levine Michael Levine, a former DEA agent, discussed his "Life as an International Deep Cover Agent" as part of BU's Department of Criminal Justice's annual Law Enforcement Career Day.

Levine — the author of NY Times non-fiction best-seller "Deep Cover" and "Fight Back: How to Take Your Own Community Back From The Drug Dealers" — is one of the most highly decorated DEA agents in that agency's history. He was charged with design and orchestration of some of the government's most significant national and international Deep Cover and conspiracy investigations.

“I learned at the point of a gun, something I thought I would live forever,” he said. “I got into a fight. He pulled his gun with no warning, stuck it in my stomach and pulled the trigger. It misfired. What I learned at that moment … any moment is the right moment to die. Life is short.”

Levine held multiple positions in the DEA, including Group Supervisor in the New York City Field Division, Special Operations Officer worldwide and Country Attaché to Argentina and Uruguay. He has served as a media law enforcement consultant for top national TV and radio shows including 60 Minutes, McNeil Lehrer News Hour and Frontline.

Levine has also been retained as a technical consultant for multiple television series, and has appeared as an expert on various law enforcement related topics for numerous local television shows around the country. He's also made guest appearances on hundreds of local and national radio shows.

"I can’t recommend a career in law enforcement more," he said. "My life is been a fantastic one. Go for it guys." #BUSpeakerSeries