Americans with Disabilities Grievance

Americans with Disabilities Grievance

Students, faculty, staff or other parties wishing to officially register a university grievance under the Americans with Disabilities Act may do so by submitting a statement to the ADA coordinator in the human resources office.

The grievance should be filed within 45 days of the alleged violation and must include the issue(s), the grievant's name, telephone number, address, date the complaint is submitted to the coordinator, and the date of the alleged violation.

The ADA coordinator will initiate the following action:

  • Step I: Within 20 calendar days of receiving the grievance, the ADA coordinator will conduct an investigation and work to find a satisfactory resolution. The ADA coordinator will review the findings with the University ADA Grievance Committee and the appropriate vice president.

    The ADA Grievance Committee, which consists of the director of residence life, the assistant vice president for academic affairs and director of human resources and labor relations, will review all pertinent information, render a written resolution to the grievant and copy all concerned parties.

  • Step II: The grievant may appeal the ADA Grievance Committee's resolution to the vice president for administration and the appropriate departmental vice president. The vice presidents will review all the information, meet with the grievant to discuss all the issues and make the final decision.

    The grievant and all parties will be notified in writing. The ADA grievance procedure does not preclude any other contract grievance procedure or agency procedure that may be available to the grievant.