Your future in supply chain management

Your future in supply chain management

Is SCM important in industry?

SCM Future

Dramatic changes in the scope, length and complexity of supply chains have led to substantial portions of value, cost, quality, lead time, risk and environmental impact being generated externally to a firm. No matter how a company chooses to satisfy its customers and achieve financial objectives, the supply chain is a potent strategic resource to help it deliver more value, lower costs and more agile responses in the face of steady change.

SCM's job outlook?

Opportunities are numerous, varied and global; many supply chain management careers are designated as "bright outlook" by forecasters—meaning they are in emerging fields and are expecting rapid employment increases. Entry-level positions typically start in the $40,000-$60,000 salary range.

SCM careers are not necessarily found in only one "discipline." Entry-level positions include:

  • project manager
  • demand planner
  • production planner
  • distribution or operations manager
  • purchaser
  • customer relationship specialist
  • supply chain analyst
  • process improvement coach