Professional Sales Lab

Professional Sales Lab

Did you know almost 50 percent of all business graduates — and 90 percent of all marketing students — begin their career in sales? And that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates sales is projected to grow three percent from 2017, resulting in about 458,700 new jobs.

Professional sales is a growing, thriving field and the Bloomsburg University Professional Sale Center is poised to be a major part in producing the next generation of sales leaders.

Thoughtful, respectful, knowledgeable, and responsive people who are able to guide individuals and businesses through complex purchases — that’s professional sales, a rewarding field that always has many openings and offers great potential for growth and success.

BU's Professional Sale Center engages students, professionals, and businesses through:

  • the Keystone Sales Challenge
  • tenured faculty members and leaders who teach, mentor, and conduct research
  • facilities for practice and simulation
  • a methodology built on a deep knowledge base
Professional Sales Lab


Sales Lab

BU's Professional Sales Center has developed a state-of-the-art facility that includes a role-play office with audio visual recording capabilities and sophisticated control center, along with an observation facility.

The sales lab allows students to practice presenting to groups, bring presentations on removable media and to hone their presentation and demonstration skills. Within the lab is a fully equipped role-playing office with high-definition, professional quality cameras to capture sales call simulations. The cloud-based, password-protected digital recording may be viewed in a specifically assigned classroom in Sutliff Hall.

Mediasite for Sales

Mediasite is a presentation tool that allows instructors and students to make live digital recordings of lectures or presentations. Students, instructors or any one with password access can view the presentation online in real-time and can access the presentation for viewing at a later date. In a sales context, this allows for students and instructors to view and critique role-plays. In addition, the videos can be made accessible to sponsors and potential employers for the students.

  • It makes content available on demand anywhere over the Internet.
  • It's useful for review and critique.
  • It creates thumbnail index of presentation direct access to specific content.