Reverse Transfer Program

Given today’s competitive job market and the value that hiring managers place on added academic credentials in employment decisions, BU has designed a pathway to an associate degree for those PA community college students who transferred to BU before obtaining this important hiring credential.

All PA community colleges and PA State Universities created a Reverse Transfer Program that offers eligible students, who transferred from their PA community college to BU before earning an associate degree, the opportunity to transfer BU credits back to the PA community college to fulfill their community college’s degree requirements and earn their associate degree. Earning your associate degree through this program increases your credentials for a job!

Who Is eligible for reverse transfer?

Only students who transferred from a PA Community College and who meet the specific requirements of their community college’s associate degrees are eligible for the Reverse Transfer Program. See the link below for the list of PA community colleges, or click your community college’s name and review the Reverse Transfer Program agreement to ensure that you are eligible.

Have questions? Please contact Maramonne Houseknecht in the admissions Office at

How to apply for reverse transfer

Applying is easy and simple. Once you have enrolled at BU, and have earned the required number of credits, just complete the application for your PA Community College by clicking on the link below then the appropriate reverse transfer application, and email it to the Bloomsburg University registrar at Once you apply, you will have to work with an advisor from your PA community college to ensure your BU current and future classes fulfill the requirements for the associate degree.

Reverse Transfer Program PA Community Colleges

Visit our Community Agreements page to download the application for Reverse Transfer for your particular PA community college.