EMS Reservations System

EMS Campus Reservations System

Master Calendar

Bloomsburg University's Campus Reservations System is based on Dean Evans and Associates' Event Management Systems (EMS) software. Students, faculty, and staff use EMS to search for available facilities throughout campus and submit an electronic reservation or request for space for meetings, conferences, projects, and other events.

In some cases, EMS also provides equipment and staffing resource allocation as well as invoice calculation. EMS has been in use by the Student Activities office since 2007 and was expanded to include facilities scheduling for the entire campus in 2014. Work to improve its functionality will continue indefinitely. We will use these pages to let you know about new developments and link you to useful resources.

Master Calendar

If you have scheduled your event via Bloomsburg University's online reservations system, and your event is in a CONFIRMED status, then your event should automatically appear on Master Calendar under the appropriate office or department. New event information is refreshed every 30 minutes.


EMS Schedulers and Locations


Location(s) Contact Person Phone
BCH Digital Forensics Lab (005) Ashley Bilinski 570-389-4500
Ben Franklin Conf Room (114) Dave Celli 570-389-4882
Ben Franklin Conf Room (211) and Lab (115) Ashley Bilinski 570-389-4500
CEH Audiology Conf Room (301) Karen Diltz 570-389-5384
E&G Classrooms, labs, conference, multipurpose, outdoors (Facilities Scheduling) Renelle Wetzel 570-389-4277
ERH Residence Life Conference Rooms (114, 117) Mary Prout 570-389-4087
Greenly Center Facilities Jennifer Williams 570-389-4004
HSC COST Conf. Room (G03) Shannon Yarnell 570-389-5333
HSC Biology Lab/Conf. Room (178) Amy Hettinger 570-389-4400
Kehr Union Facilities Kristi Getty 570-389-4715
Library Computer Lab (243) Barb Robbins 570-389-4079
Library Conference Rooms (305, 307) Andira Dodge 570-389-5276
MCHS Communications Studies rooms (1131 & 1230) Nancy Rothermel 570-389-4184
MCHS Nursing Conf. Room (3125) Deb Krum 570-389-4423
Mitrani Hall & Gross Auditorium Abigail Manns 570-389-4653
Monty’s Facilities Kristi Getty 570-389-4715
Nelson Field House, Athletic Fields and Facilities Eric McCabe 570-389-3907
Residence Hall Lobbies & JKA Center Amy Cunningham 570-389-4966
SC University Room Andira Dodge 570-389-5276
Student Recreation Center, Facilities and Fields Jen White 570-389-4190
Sutliff Hall COB rooms (114, 253, 256, 257, 348, 377) Renelle Wetzel 570-389-4277
Sutliff Hall Finance Computer Lab (123), Nicholas J Giuffre Center (349) Brooke Faus 570-389-5322
Sutliff Hall Lobbies Renelle Wetzel 570-389-4277

Note for Reservations

  • Some locations require Maintenance Work Orders (MWO) for furniture setup and additional services.
  • Academic building and room hours are subject to University openings and vacation schedules.