Nancy Gentile Ford, professor of history

Nancy Gentile Ford, professor of history

Nancy Gentile Ford

Nancy Gentile Ford, Ph.D., was recently among three invited presenters on “Immigrants in the Military: Regional and Historical Factors” at Princeton University, which hosted the Patriots or Invaders? - Immigrants in the Military in Modern America Conference.

The conference brought together recognized experts, academics as well as journalists, members of the U.S. military establishment and political figures around a dialogue about the role of immigrants — their families and children — in the armed forces; the causes and effects of military recruitment on first-and second-generation immigrants and the barriers faced by immigrants and families in the military.

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March — Gentile Ford, Ph.D., had a chapter, “’Putting Fighting Blood in Your Business’: The U.S. War Department and the Reemployment of World War I Soldiers,” published in Stephen R. Ortiz, ed., Veteran’s Policies: New Perspective on Veterans in the Modern United States.

February — Gentile Ford, Ph.D., had an essay on the U.S. Air Force Academy was recently published in the Encyclopedia of Military Science. Her peer-reviewed (18-page) essay on “Civilian and Military Power in the U.S.A.” has been accepted for publication in the 1914-1918 International Encyclopedia of the First World War - for the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.

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November — WKOK in Sunbury interviewed Ford on the anniversary of President John Kennedy’s assassination about the impact of Kennedy’s death on American society and politics.

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April — Gentile Ford, Ph.D., had her third book, The Great War and America: Civil-Military Relations During World War I, was just published by Praeger Security International/Greenwood Press.