Grades and GPA

The grades given at Bloomsburg University with their commensurate quality points are defined as follows:

    A = 4.00 Superior Attainment

    A- = 3.67

    B+ = 3.33

    B = 3.00 Above Average Attainment

    B- = 2.67

    C+ = 2.33

    C = 2.00 Average Attainment

    C- = 1.67


    D = 1.00 Minimum Attainment

    F = 0.00 Failure

Grade Change

If a student thinks he/she received an inaccurate grade, it is necessary to discuss this with the professor. If the professor agrees that a mistake has been made, the instructor files a grade change form, which requires the approval of the chairperson and dean. The academic record is updated after the grade change has been processed.

If the student is not satisfied through this route, he/she should see the department chair. If nothing is accomplished there, the Dean of the College is the next person to contact concerning a legitimate grade change complaint.

In any event, written recommendation for the grade change must be obtain from the instructor, department chairperson, and Dean of the College. If these procedures fail to produce a resolution, a grievance can be filed through the Academic Grievance Procedure (see PRP 3592 - Academic Grievance Procedure).

Semester Quality Point Average

To compute semester quality point average, multiply the quality point value of the grade received in a course by the number of credits the course is worth. This gives the number of quality points per course. Total the quality points and divide into the total number of credits (Grades of I,R,W,P,F,V, or X are not included).

How to determine your GPA

Intro to Literature, 3 credits, A (4.0)

  4 x 3 = 12

Aquatics, 1 credit, B (3.0)

  3 x 1 = 3

Composition II, 3 credits, B- (2.67)

  2.67 x 3 = 8.01

Intro to Philosophy, 3 credits, C (2.00)

  3 x 2 = 6

Total for 10 credits


Divide 29.01 by 10 to arrive at a 2.9 semester quality point average