Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Transcript Request

Transcripts Request For Current Students

The MyHusky login page allows you to Request Transcripts, register for classes, Pay bills, view and accept financial aid and provides other related services and information.

• In your MyHusky Student Center, from the other academic drop down menu choose – TRANSCRIPT: REQUEST OFFICIAL

Students log into MyHusky using their HuskyID and HuskyID Password. If assistance is needed, visit

• HuskyID support page at
• Help Desk page or call 570-389-4357

Transcripts Request For Alumni And Former Students

(For Students Who Attended At Any Time Between Summer 2008 And The Present)

Any former student of Bloomsburg University is now able to obtain a login to access your MyHusky account after you leave the university. This includes students who graduated and those who otherwise did not return. You will be able to use your account to order transcripts, pay bills, retrieve copies of your 1098T tax forms and other similar activities.

• To activate your alumni account, visit

(For Students Who Attended Prior To Summer 2008)

• You will need to completely fill out a transcript request form. Once the form is received in our office, the processing time is 2-5 days.

Transcripts Request Form

Transcript Hotline 570-389-5252.

Duplicate Diploma Request

To request a duplicate diploma, please fill out the form below and mail to the Office of the Registrar. Your request must include a check or money order for $15 (per diploma) made payable to Bloomsburg University.

Duplicate Diploma Request

Permanent Address Change

You may obtain the Biographical Data Change Form located in the Office of the Registrar, on the web, or you can put your request in writing. You may also send an email from your Huskies email account to Note: This is the address where you’re billing statements and diplomas will be sent. Your permanent address cannot be a campus residence hall.

Local Address Change

Local addresses need to be reported to the Residence Life Office in Elwell Hall 570-389-4089.

Social Security Number Change

To report a change of social security number, obtain the BIOGRAPHICAL DATA CHANGE FORM from the Office of the Registrar. A copy of your Social Security card will be required with the form.

Name Change

To report a name change, obtain the Biographical Data Change Form from the Office of the Registrar. A copy of marriage certificate or court document must be attached. You will also need your driver’s license for identification purposes.

Scheduling Courses

Degree students schedule courses via MyHusky.

Non-Degree students schedule courses via the Office of Adult Advisement, 216 Student Services Center, telephone 570-389-4003.

Graduate students schedule courses via their advisor and/or program coordinator.


Students must do the Registration process every term they have classes scheduled. You log into your MyHusky account, navigate to the Student Services Center, under your To Do List you will click on Registration and complete the requirements prior to the start of classes. You MUST complete this requirement to confirm your enrollment. Failure to do so may result in financial penalty, loss of class schedule and withholding of financial aid.

Scheduling and Registering

Enrollment at BU is a two-step process:

Scheduling: reserves your place in classes

Registration: confirms your reservation

**Scheduling is usually completed before the start of the semester or summer sessions. Registration should be completed by the beginning of the semester.

Freshman Scheduling

All first semester freshmen will have their courses scheduled for them. These courses are scheduled for you based on your major and the availability of the courses. You will not be able to make any changes to your schedule without the help of your advisor.

Changing Majors

Changing majors or adding/dropping minors is completed online through your MyHusky account.

Student Advisors

Each degree student has an advisor assigned by the department of the student's major. To find the name of your advisor, check with the departmental secretary. A student who is "undeclared," that is a student who has yet to declare a major, is advised by Academic Advisement, 216 Student Services Center, 570-389-4271.

Non-Degree students are advised through the Office of Adult Advisement, 216 Student Services Center, 570-389-4271.

Graduate students are assigned advisor through the Graduate Office when accepted into a program. Non-Degree/Adjunct Graduate students are advised by The Graduate Office, 212 Centennial Hall, 570-389-4015.

CEEB Number

The College Board number for Bloomsburg University is 2646.

Pennsylvania Residency

Students, who have moved into Pennsylvania and want in-state fees, must contact Debra Newman in the Business Office, at 570-389-4574.

Paying my Bill

The University Bursar Office sends billing statements and receives fee payments. Questions about the billing statements or fee payments should be directed to the Bursar Office, Waller Administration Building (570) 389-4013. Also, any questions about a student’s 1098-T are handled by the Bursars office.

Act 48

The Office of the Registrar reports college credits for Act 48 credit reporting. Students must complete the form Request for Act 48 Teacher Certification Credit Reporting.

Act 48 is typically reported monthly. Please complete the form and send it to the Office of the Registrar for submission. Your Professional Personnel ID Number is required for identification purposes and your credits cannot be reported without it. You may access the form by going to the Registrar’s page on the Bloomsburg University website, at the top of the page click on Student Resources, then under Academic and Student Information you will see Act 48 Certification form.

Attendance Fee

"Attendance Fee" is an opportunity for persons to sit in classes on a space available basis. There is a charge of $25.00 per course. Contact the Bursar Office (Waller Administration Building, 570-389-4013) for information. There is no record made in the Office of the Registrar for this "Attendance Fee" and no transcript is available.

Course Repeats

A maximum of six course repeats is permitted. The initial grade and all subsequent grades for a repeated course remain on the transcript and are part of the student's permanent record. The most recent grade (regardless of whether it is higher or lower) will be the grade used for QPA calculation. An individual course may be repeated multiple times. However, each repeat of the same course counts as one of the six permitted repeats and an individual course may not be repeated more than 3 times. A course taken at Bloomsburg University and repeated at another institution of higher education is included in the permitted maximum number of repeats. In this case, the most recent grade will be recorded as transfer credit according to PRP3343 Evaluation of Undergraduate Transfer Credits.

If the course number has changed or you are repeating the course at another college or university, you must notify the Office of the Registrar.

When a course is repeated, the original grade remains on the transcript, but it is not calculated into the cumulative GPA (it is calculated into the GPA for the semester of enrollment). The repeated grade does calculate in the cumulative GPA, even if the grade earned is lower than the original grade. Transcripts are annotated; Repeated: Exclude from statistics, under the first and any subsequent attempts of the course and Repeated: Include course in statistics, under the last time the course is taken.

Official Transcript

An "official transcript”: needs to be in a sealed institutional envelope and received directly from the issuing institution, printed on their transcript paper and bears the signature of the Registrar and seal.