Wait Listing

Wait Listing

Bloomsburg University will be utilizing electronic wait listing (for closed courses) during the scheduling period.

This electronic method of attempting to get into closed classes will replace paper waitlists that departments used in the past.

  • However, not all departments or all courses at Bloomsburg University will utilize the waitlisting option. 
  • When scheduling a class if wait listing is being used you will see a yellow triangle next to the class.

wait listing

  • If a seat opens up, students on the waitlist are automatically enrolled if they meet the prerequisites and if they do not have another class scheduled at the same time of day and week.
  • Students are enrolled in open seats based on their position number on the waitlist.
  • Waitlisting is a process within the Students Service Center Enrollment function of MyHusky. 
  • If a section of a course allows for waitlisting, the student must opt into being added to the waitlist during the enrollment process. It is not automatic. 
  • During the Spring and Fall semester scheduling process, wait listing will not commence until the Seniors begin scheduling.
  • It will not be in effect for the freshmen scheduling or the Priority scheduling timetable. This will ensure that if a waitlist exists for a course hopefully seniors and juniors will populate that list prior to sophomore and Freshmen. 

Wait Listing FAQs

Using Swap when adding a Wait Listing Course

Adding a Wait Listing Course