Scheduling Information

Summer 2020 Scheduling Information

April 6: Open enrollment begins to schedule Summer courses; for ALL Students.
There will be an accelerated 4 week ONLINE ONLY group of course offerings in both Session 2 and Session 3, in addition to the other 6 week courses. These 4 week classes will run from 05/18/2020 – 06/12/2020 in Session 2 and 6/29/2020 – 7/24/2020 in Session 3.

Fall 2020 Scheduling Information

Open Enrollment began as of April 18th. ALL Students can schedule up to 18 credits. Scheduling will continue until the end of Add/Drop for Fall 2020.


To allow students to schedule for summer and fall 2020 without barriers, all financial and academic holds will be removed from student accounts. Holds, such as Bursar holds and academic advisement holds, will no longer prevent students from scheduling for summer or fall 2020.

Below are links to assist you with logging in and scheduling in MyHusky:
Log into MyHusky/PeopleSoft
How to Swap a course
How to Add a course
How to Drop a course

MyHusky Shopping Cart Tips

Adding courses to your shopping cart does not mean you are scheduled for those courses. You MUST move the courses from your shopping cart to your schedule in order to be enrolled in the course(s).

For quick and easy instructions on how to move courses from your shopping cart to your schedule in MyHusky, visit our shopping cart tutorial.


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  • **DEVSTUDY (ENRICH) courses 99 and below DO NOT count towards credits for graduation requirements. Meet with your academic advisor with specific questions