How to Do Business with Bloomsburg University

How to Do Business with Bloomsburg University

How to do business with BU

Bloomsburg University is a member institution of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). As an instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, its procurement practices are governed by the Commonwealth Procurement Code (Act 57 and amendments) and other related statutes, rules, regulations and policies.

This guide has been prepared to assist you in your contacts with the University and to familiarize you with the functions of the Procurement Department, Construction Procurement Office, Accounts Payable Department and other departments at the University. We hope this information will help you to better understand our organization and its purchasing procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or questions. We look forward to doing business with you.

The Construction Procurement Department has primary responsibility for construction, rehabilitation and renovation procurement and real property transactions (leases, agreements of sale, rentals). It also has responsibility for certain specialty contracts, such as Professional Service Agreements (Architectural, Engineering, Construction Management, etc.), and coordination of open-ended agreements initiated by the State System of Higher Education Construction Support Office.

The Procurement Department has primary responsibility for the purchase of all goods and non-construction services on campus. This includes all categories of supplies, equipment and furnishings. Service contracts and other forms of contracts from this office include, but are not limited to: the provision of Food Service, Interpreter Services, Elevator Service, Library Acquisitions, Maintenance Agreements, Scientific Equipment Service, Consultant Services, Refuge Collection and Disposal, Specialty Mailing Services, Pest Control, Specialty Software, Graphics and Printing Services and Copier Acquisition/Services, etc. All businesses are invited to deal with Bloomsburg University. Minority and women owned businesses are encouraged to apply.


The dollar volume of Bloomsburg University purchases and contracts is significant. Procurement activity supports academic, administrative, advancement, information technology and student affairs departments. A central receiving and storeroom office on campus augments the procurement and delivery system. Products and services commonly procured include scientific equipment, office supplies and furnishings, chemicals, repair and service agreements, construction projects, library holdings, art supplies, maintenance parts, automotive supplies, custodial supplies, fuels, and many other educational and plant support items. The Accounts Payable Department has primary responsibility for verifying the authenticity of payment requests for checks issued by the University. Non-compliant, incomplete, or disputed issues will be referred by this office to the proper officials or returned without action.


Call ahead for appointments whenever possible.

Make each visit a profitable one. Bring us a new idea, approach, or product. Help keep us up to date.

Do not accept orders or contracts without authorization from the Procurement Office. Call us when in doubt as to the authenticity of the order or person presenting it.

Do not begin work, provide services or deliver materials without the required authorization from the Procurement Office.

Do not accept promises from other University departments that you will be given an order. Purchase orders and contracts from the University will be honored only if issued by an authorized University Purchasing Card or a written/fax/electronic version from the Procurement Office after all bidding and administrative approval processes have been satisfied.

Quote realistic delivery dates so we can base our planning on good, firm information.

You are expected to honor all specified terms and conditions, including pricing, delivery, service agreements and warranties.

Conduct your business openly and frankly. As a public, non-profit institution, all of our business transactions are a matter of public record.

Please call us if you have any questions.

Do not offer any gifts or gratuities to any university employees.