Beyond BU

Psychology Outcomes


Nicole Albertson

“What I enjoy most about BU is the great professors I've had that put extra effort into guiding and supporting me. They've allowed me to take advantage of many opportunities that otherwise I might have missed out on.” — Nicole Albertson

Nick Everett

“The small classroom sizes promote a more intimate setting where your professors can get to know you easily. I also love the sunset after class while you walk into town; it’s a great thing to see after a stressful day!” — Nick Everett

Fatima Kanneh

“What I enjoy most about psychology is the different job opportunities that are available in the field. I also enjoy conducting research and comparing my results with previous ones.” — Fatima Kanneh

Kathryn Spirk

“Psychology presents many of topics we cover in class that can be applied to my relationships with others in my everyday life. I enjoy BU's sense of belongingness due to the opportunities the school provides and the bonds I've formed with my professors and friends.” — Kathryn Spirk


Outcomes of Psychology Graduates

“The faculty always held me to a high standard and expressed confidence in my ability to succeed.” — Alexandra ‘16

“Psychology is a great avenue to start in many different types of careers.” — Keri ‘16

“I feel competent and confident to continue my career.” Olivia ‘17

“Thinking back to my time at BU, the Psychology Department's rigorous coursework benefited me the most. I had such an advantage in my graduate program.” — Narali ‘17

“I'm prepared to work within a professional setting as well as with people from diverse backgrounds.” Christy ‘18

Graduate Schools

  • Bloomsburg University (Educational Leadership)
  • Kutztown University (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)
  • Marywood University (Social Work, Clinical Mental Health Counseling)
  • Millersville University (School Counseling; Clinical Psychology; School Psychology)
  • Shippensburg University (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)
  • Springfield University (Athletic Counseling)
  • Temple University (Lewis Katz School of Medicine)
  • University of New Haven (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Social Work)
  • West Chester University (Social Work)

Career Fields

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Foster Care Coordinator
  • Graduate Studies Coordinator
  • Mental Health Case Manager
  • Mental Health Liaison
  • Police Officer
  • School Counselor
  • Teacher
  • Therapeutic Support Staff