Why you fit perfectly at BU?

Why you fit perfectly at BU?

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Bloomsburg University ranks among the top schools in the Northeast according to America’s Best Colleges, published annually by U.S. News and World Report. Yet our cost is well below the national average for all schools, especially of our quality.

Additionally, BU offers more than $2 million annually in scholarships.

You can afford an education at BU — where you don’t just earn a degree, but build a foundation for a career and for life. We are Huskies. We believe in working hard to make our dreams become a reality.

» Terrific value Pick any of the 14 state-owned universities and you’ll find the lowest tuition and fees except for community colleges. Pick one of the state-related universities and you'll pay a lot more for a big name.

» Dedicated faculty Small classes and a student–faculty ratio of 20:1 ensure that BU students receive individual attention. Your professor knows who you are and cares about you.

» Diverse learning experiences At Bloomsburg, you'll often get a chance to do serious research or scholarly investigation at the undergraduate level. Extensive study-abroad, internships and service opportunities through our highly successful living and learning communities are also available to students.

» More than 85 majors BU offers 55 undergraduate degree programs, 50 undergraduate minors, several health care programs involving clinical study elsewhere and 19 graduate degree programs, including a doctorate in clinical audiology. Several programs, such as biology, offer concentrations within the major. You can choose an optional minor or career concentration to tailor your college education to specific interests or for personal enrichment.

» A valued degree Ninety percent of BU students are employed or enrolled in graduate school within one year of graduation, proving a BU education is valued by employers and graduate schools.

What BU Expects

  • On the new 2016 SAT, the average score (with the conversion) for a fall freshman is an 1120. For nursing, we prefer to see an 1150 or higher for consideration on the new SAT. On the old SAT, our average (math and critical reading sections only) is a 1040-1050. Our nursing average is an 1180. If you have taken both the new and old SAT, we will look at both scores independently, and will not super score the sections.
  • On the ACT, our average score is a 23.
  • Top 25 percent of their class
  • Graduated with a high B average
  • Most likely took a typical high school college prep program of study
  • May very well have AP courses that will earn college credit or at least took high school courses that were challenging and demanding
  • Is active in high school and community activities, especially in leadership roles

BU does not require an essay or references with an application and will accept both the "old" and "new" SAT testing scores. Students enrolled in other colleges or universities may apply for admission as a transfer student. Each applicant's transcript is evaluated to determine precisely what courses will transfer. To assist those who opt to begin their college programs at community colleges, BU has forged cooperative arrangements to ensure the maximum number of credits automatically transfer.

BU begins evaluation of applications in September and continues until the class is filled. For some majors, this can be as early as Dec. 1. Nursing majors must have a completed application packet in by Nov. 15. All applicants learn of BU's decision by regular mail. To protect your privacy, BU will not respond to e-mail or phone inquiries about whether you've been accepted or not. If you haven't heard within six weeks, it's okay to let us know. We'll double check.

BU welcomes students of all ages, from all walks of life, and from a wide geographic area and strives for the greatest possible diversity in its student body. The Bloomsburg community is friendly and vibrant — factors our admissions review officers keep in mind when evaluating applicants. Roughly 10 percent of BU students are "non-traditional" — adults returning to school for reasons ranging from improving employment potential to personal enrichment. These highly-motivated students generally excel in classes and raise the bar for everyone.

Other non-traditional students include exceptional students currently enrolled in through a number of nearby high schools in BU's Advance College Experience (ACE) program. They'll receive college credit for courses they take that apply at BU or transfer to many other institutions. They are the only admitted students exempt from BU's requirement that incoming students have a high school diploma or equivalency.