Professional Experience Grant (PEG)

Professional Experience Grant (PEG)

Professional experience helps you apply what you are learning in the classroom, establish a professional network and obtain career experience in a workplace while earning your degree. Faculty mentored research or academic internships, study abroad, creative performance activities, service projects and attending a professional conference are all considered academic career experiences. These experiences allow you to get involved in your career path, learn about the world and work alongside colleagues and faculty mentors. To help offset some of the cost of participating in these experiences, Bloomsburg University offers the Professional U Professional Experience Grant. All full-time undergraduate and graduate degree students may apply for financial assistance.

To apply, you must complete an complete an online application, submit a letter of reference from a faculty member willing to mentor you through the experience, a resume and a learning goals essay of 500 to 1,000 words.

In order to ensure the greatest success with your application, please review these guidelines for your learning goals essay.

Applications are accepted any time, but must be received by these deadlines:

  • October 1 for Winter/Spring experiences
  • March 15 for Summer/Fall experiences

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COST Undergraduate research PEGS

Substitute your research proposal for the learning goals essay.

Research Proposal Guidelines — Submit the research proposal outlined below instead of the personal essay.

Please write a one paragraph summary of your research project which includes: 1) appropriate background information to establish context, 2) the significance/relevance of your research project, 3) goals/objectives of your research and 4) how your project contributes to the field. Be sure to use language suitable for a general audience and clearly state your goals/objectives.

A second paragraph should focus on your specific role(s) in the research project. Please 1) identify your faculty mentor, 2) describe all aspects of the project you will be responsible for, 3) describe how you plan to analyze your data/findings (be specific), 4) identify any collaborators, 5) provide a detailed timeline outlining your research, including the anticipated timeline for completion, and 6) identify your presentation venue (i.e. COST Research Day, SVURS, etc.).

Grant made dream of California internship come true

Hakeem Thomas

"I was offered the internship of a lifetime. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the funds I needed to take advantage of it and thought I would have to decline the offer. The internship was in California, and I had no way to pay for travel or a place to stay while I was there. I didn’t know what to do, so I reached out to my advisor. He told me about Professional Experience Grants, which are provided by support from donors. These grants are available to students like me who need help with covering the extra costs that are often associated with professional experience opportunities. Thanks to the generosity of donors, I was able to go to California and complete the internship. This opportunity has been one of the most meaningful and beneficial experiences of my life. It has led to a part-time job working in my field of study with a full-time job offer awaiting me after graduation."

Hakeem Thomas ’17