Professional U - Faculty

Professional U Faculty

Professional U - Faculty

Professional U connects students with alumni, employers, and opportunities integrating the academic experience with professional experience in “real world” settings.  Through the exploration of professional development topics and experiential learning, students build skills and confidence which prepare them for personal and professional success upon graduation.

 At the heart of these learning opportunities for students is the faculty.  BU’s faculty mentor and guide students in internships, service learning, study away/study abroad experiences, undergraduate research, and other scholarly and creative activity.

By partnering with the team in Alumni and Professional Engagement, faculty can enhance the excellent educational experiences they provide by: 

  • Integrating the Professional U plan with the courses you teach to provide students with out of class experiences that reinforce what you want them to learn.
  • Inviting us to class to provide a seminar or provide toolkits for your students on professional development topics such as: resume writing, successful interviewing, professional networking, careers and majors, and job search.  
  • Requesting we connect you to BU alumni at all stages in life and career who are working in fields of interest to you and your students
  • Connecting through us to employers interested in hiring your students and/or hosting your students for internships
  • Encouraging your students to apply for a Professional Experience Grant to support expenses associated with internships, study away/abroad, undergraduate research, and creative activities
  • Referring your junior and senior students to the Career Intensive Boot Camp and other career and professional development events