Achieving excellence while ensuring fiscal sustainability

Achieving excellence while ensuring fiscal sustainability

Strategic Issue 2

As a public institution historically dependent on tuition and state appropriations, Bloomsburg University strives to maintain fiscal responsibility and enhance academic excellence. New sources of funding must be identified and developed while being good stewards of existing resources.

Bloomsburg University shares a common challenge with public universities nationwide: a decreasing amount of revenue from taxpayer dollars. At a time when Bloomsburg receives less than one-third of the overall budget from state appropriations, tuition must remain affordable for students, the majority of whom receive some form of financial aid, yet sufficient to deliver high-quality degree programs, student support services and learning experiences. These two factors, along with a steadily increasing enrollment, stretch the institution’s budget and resources and make stewardship paramount to university financial success.

Bloomsburg University will renew its commitment to allocating resources according to institutional priorities, including sustainability, and assessing the efficiency of programs, services and operations. Following standard practice, budget officers will continue to inform the campus community regarding the current budget situation and welcome input from faculty, staff and students as part of the budget process. The institution will develop new financial resources through relationships with external stakeholders, partnerships, grants and private sources.

To achieve excellence while ensuring fiscal sustainability, Bloomsburg University will:

  • Identify, examine, align and allocate resources to meet institutional priorities.
  • Coordinate efforts to identify and develop new resources in accord with university strategic priorities.