Enhancing academic excellence

Enhancing academic excellence

Strategic Issue 1

Enhancing academic excellence is fundamental to achieving the university vision. Academic excellence creates personal and professional success for all learners. It is pivotal in recruiting and retaining talented and diverse students and personnel.

The search for the “best” college or university takes many forms. College-bound high school students and their parents schedule campus visits and attend open house programs. Magazines and guidebooks publish annual surveys. Prospective students consult friends, relatives and counselors for advice. In the end, serious students narrow the list of possibilities to institutions where they believe they will find academic excellence in the field they wish to pursue, faculty who are dedicated teacher/scholars and opportunities that support and extend classroom learning.

Bloomsburg University has a strong reputation for academic excellence reinforced each year by the large number of graduates who are employed in their fields, outstanding alumni achievements and a strong pool of applicants. To retain this well-earned reputation, the institution will meet the demands associated with an ever-changing society, employment trends and an increasing emphasis on globalization with innovative programs of study, expanded classroom opportunities and an atmosphere of respect for all members of the campus community.

Bloomsburg University advocates study abroad opportunities to help students grow into well-informed citizens. The university will continue to encourage students to pursue scholarly activities in collaboration with faculty and increase the availability of courses through distance education offerings. The university also will provide a general education program that promotes skills, knowledge, cultural awareness and citizenship to help develop each student’s ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

To enhance academic excellence, Bloomsburg University will:

  • Create a learning environment for personal and professional success in a diverse and rapidly changing world.
  • Provide professional development and scholarship opportunities for all university personnel.
  • Integrate diversity in the learning environment.
  • Implement and monitor a systematic process of assessment.