Political Science Research

Political Science Undergraduate Research

Our political science faculty are actively engaged in guiding and collaborating with students on research, resulting in a number of scholarly presentations and publications.

2019 Research

  • Defenderfer, Jessy and Nick Mcguire. “Not Your Cruise Ship Day Excursion: The Political, Economic, and Social Conditions of the Five Inhabited U.S. Territories.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association., April 12, Muhlenberg College.
  • Nicholas McGuire, “The U.S. Territories: Foreign Yet Domestic” (COLA Research Day)
  • Zachary Specht, “The Correlation Between Income and Vote Choice in the 2016 Presidential Election by Region” (COLA Research Day)
  • Mackenzie Steich, “Socioeconomic Status and an Individual’s Environmental Values” (COLA Research Day)
  • Catherine Jones, “Political Socialization and Political Ideology” (COLA Research Day)
  • Allison Robbins, “Effects of Redistricting on Elections in Pennsylvania” (COLA Research Day)

2018 Research

  • Allison Robbins, “Effect of News Sources on Political Participation (COLA Research Day)
  • Doerschler, Peter and Justice Powlus. “The Political Integration of Immigrants in Germany: Comparing Sub-national Processes in a Federal System.“ Presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association-Northeast, Nov. 3 to 5, Providence, RI.
  • Marianna Palumbo, “The Impact of Religiosity on Support for Efforts Against Terrorism” (COLA Research Day)

2017 Research

  • Jessa Wood, “Authoritarian Personality and Support for Interrogative Torture” (COLA Research Day)


Political Science Research

Research into understanding women’s voting habits

With dreams of becoming Secretary of State one day, Kimberly Martin is eyeing a long career in government and politics. So the Bloomsburg University student knew majoring in political science would be a significant first step.

“Political science has really helped me build the solid foundation of knowledge necessary to start on my career path,” says Martin, who is also majoring in communication studies and pursuing a minor in Arabic. “I want to pursue a career with the U.S. Department of State and work on creating foreign policy and developing diplomatic relations with other countries. I'm more than confident I'll achieve all of my goals, in part because of the skills I've learned in the political science major.”

Martin won Prateek Goorha Best Research Paper Award from Fall 2015 for her paper “Marriage, Careers, and the Voting Woman,” which took a look at understanding what influences women’s voting habits.