PRP 5481 - Policy Statement Use of Physical Education and Athletic Facilities

PRP 5481 - Policy Statement Use of Physical Education and Athletic Facilities

Issued by: Robert J. Parrish, V.P. for Administration

Effective Date: 05/06/77


Physical education and athletic facilities, as well as all facilities at Bloomsburg State College, are the property of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and as such all citizens of the Commonwealth should be able both to take pride in the facilities and to use them on a limited basis. This document is written not to establish ownership, but rather to discuss use of the facilities. It follows that since the facilities were constructed and are maintained to further the educational mission of the college, students should have first use of these facilities. The priority of usage of the facilities, therefore, follows:

  • 1. Regularly scheduled classes.
  • 2. Intercollegiate athletics.
  • 3. Intramural athletics.
  • 4. General student recreation.
  • 5. College community and alumni.
  • 6. Off-campus groups or individuals.

Student groups may reserve the facilities when available by making a request through the Director of Student Activities, while other groups should contact the Office of the Vice President for Administration. In the case of categories 4, 5 and 6, certain cost recover charges may be levied for payment of necessary personnel. For categories 5 and 6, additional charges may be made for use of the facilities.

While the facilities are not to be considered a private athletic club, Bloomsburg State College does hope that the citizens of the Commonwealth will take advantage of using facilities when they are not otherwise being utilized by students, staff, etc.; and that each individual will thereby take appropriate pride in the ownership of a small portion of the college.